Best Dog Life Jacket – Buyers Guide

It’s no secret that many watersport enthusiasts are dog lovers, and one of the most important things that every dog owner should bring along is a dog life jacket. A dog PFD (personal flotation device) is a must-have accessory whenever you decide to bring your pooch along for a paddle, whether you’re boating, kayaking, or out on your SUP.

There are many dog lovers who are completely unaware of the importance of doggie life jackets. In addition to helping your dog float if they tire out during a swim, dog life jackets also increase visibility (most are brightly colored) and the grab handle makes it much easier to pull your dog in and out of the water.

In this buyer guide, we’re going to reveal our top pick for 2017’s best dog life jacket. We’ll also include the runner ups, which will give you some other excellent choices.

Best Dog Life Jacket – 2017 Winner

Our top pick for 2017’s best doggie PFD is Ruffwear’s awesome K9 Float Coat. While it’s a bit higher-priced than the other dog life jackets that we reviewed, the top-shelf design, high-quality materials, and lifetime warranty make this doggie PFD a worthwhile investment.

The K-9 Float Coat is currently available in two colors: Red Currant, and Dandelion Yellow. It is constructed out of a super tough material that resists abrasions, and the well-placed closed cell foam panels will allow your dog to swim in a normal position. The fit of the Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat is excellent, and the adjustable neck closure allows for a customizable fit.

If visibility is a concern, this jacket is a great choice. Both colors are vibrant and really stand out in the water, and the reflective trim makes it easy to spot your dog even in low-light environments.

Last but not least, the K9 Float Coat comes with a light loop for attaching The Beacon light.

All in all, this is a fantastically designed, premium quality dog life jacket that will provide your pet with excellent comfort and safety for years to come.

1st Runner Up

Our first runner up for 2017’s best canine life jacket is the EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device.

The EzyDog DFD is another well-designed dog life vest that will allow your dog to swim in a natural position. It features a convenient D-ring for attaching a dog leash, a reinforced grab handle, reflective trim, and adjustable neoprene straps.

The warranty on this life jacket is one year, and it comes in Red, Yellow, and Green Camo.

2nd Runner Up

Coming in at 2nd Runner Up, is the Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket.

This dog life vest features multiple handles which make it easier to grab your dog, and the second handle adds additional strength which really comes in handy with big dogs.

Outward Hound’s doggie life vest also has a belly band that is made of a comfortable neoprene material, and there are reflective strips for increased visibility.

This life jacket is backed by a 30-day warranty and comes in a variety of colors.

3rd Runner Up

Last but not least, the budget-friendly Paws Aboard Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket comes in at the 3rd runner up spot.

This dog PFD was designed for maximum buoyancy, and we really like the high-visibility design. There’s a grab handle on the top of the jacket which makes it easy to handle your dog, and the adjustable straps and quick release buckles make it easy to dial in a precise fit.

On the underside of this model is a breathable mesh section that allows the jacket to quickly drain and dry after use.

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