Earth River SUP 10-0 V-II Review

Earth River SUP 10' V-II Logo Top

For those who are looking for a versatile, well-made inflatable SUP that delivers great responsiveness under different conditions, Earth River SUP has designed a fun iSUP model that’s worth checking out. The Earth River SUP 10-0 V-II is an all-around board, perfect for paddlers of all skill levels and designed to adapt and improve your performance in every type of weather and water conditions.

For this particular review, we will discuss the aspects that make this model ideal for a lot of paddlers, checking the board’s specifications, the construction process behind it, its features, included accessories, the warranty offered by ERS, and where to buy it if you’re looking for the best deal.

Earth River SUP 10-0 V-II: Board Overview

Measuring 10’ x 33″ x 6″ and weighing 25 pounds, the ERS 10-0 V-II has a total carrying capacity of 290 pounds. This compact board is easy to carry around, and while it’s not the perfect fit for a shared ride, its carrying capacity and size are ideal to help bigger and heavier paddlers deal with the usual stability issues. The responsiveness that this board delivers combined with a customizable fin system make this a very interesting option for a variety of paddlers.

Visually, this model is a variation of previous ‘water’ concepts that have become the signature style of Earth River SUP. The combination of blue and white hues are seamlessly blended with the brand’s logo, with no element feeling out of place. However, since the market is already filled with models with a similar concept, this stylistic choice might prove to be a ‘hit or miss’ for the company.

Earth River SUP 10' V-II Rocks


The V-II core process has become a very reliable method for enhancing rigidity. Earth River SUP has also reinforced the board by adding additional PVC layers in key areas, making it tougher without adding significant weight to the board. The V-II delivers excellent stiffness under the feet and will feel quite similar to a hard board.


Earth River SUP 10' V-II Snow

On the top of the ERS 10-0 V-II, the first thing you will notice is the diamond deck pad which is comfortable and provides excellent traction. The top deck also features a standard carry handle which is convenient for carrying the board around.

Earth River SUP 10' V-II Top

The nose of the SUP features a stainless D-Ring which is perfect for docking this board or towing it. It also features the standard 4-point bungee storage system, which is convenient when it comes to storing your paddle, backpack, paddle, etc.

Earth River SUP 10' V-II Nose

Moving on to the other end of this board, the 10-0 V-II features a Halkey-Roberts air valve compatible with the included pump and a contoured raised kick pad which is perfect for doing pivot turns.

Earth River SUP 10' V-II Nose

The underside of this board features a triple fin configuration, with 2 smaller side fins that you can switch out with the included US fin box and a large center fin. The fin setup