iROCKER SPORT 11′ Review

iROCKER SPORT 11'Newly revamped last season, the iROCKER SPORT 11′ is a faster, more performance-oriented board than the company’s other inflatable SUPs. The SPORT 11′ was the first model introduced by iROCKER a few years ago, and this updated version is an even better board than the previous model.

With a well-deserved reputation for making some of the highest-quality affordable inflatables on the market, Jacksonville’s iROCKER has expanded their iSUP line to a total of 6 models for 2018. In March of this year, they also introduced a new premium line of inflatables called BLACKFIN SUP. There are currently two models in the new BLACKFIN line: the 10’6″ BLACKFIN Model X, and the 11’6″ BLACKFIN Model XL.

In this 2018 iROCKER SPORT 11′ review, we’ll take a look at all of the improvements made to the board for this year, as well as the specs, features, build quality, and included accessories. We’ll also keep this page updated with the latest iROCKER coupon codes and promo discounts so you can save some money and get the best deal.

2018 iROCKER SPORT 11′ Review: Board Overview

iROCKER SPORT 11' SUPThe fastest inflatable SUP in iROCKER’s regular lineup, the iROCKER SPORT 11′ features a sleek profile that glides well in the water. The tapered nose and tail of the board help to reduce drag and cut through chop, resulting in a board that is incredibly fun to paddle.

This model is also the company’s most narrow board, making it the least stable. If you’re looking for a board with more stability, we’d recommend the new BLACKFIN SUP series as well as iROCKER’s 10’6″ CRUISER, ALL-AROUND 10′, and ALL-AROUND 11′ models.

The durable iROCKER SPORT is 6″ thick and it weighs in at 25 pounds. Capable of handling up to 385 pounds, this board is built to handle the largest of paddlers and it can also handle plenty of gear, a dog, and small children.

In addition to the board’s stunning new design, iROCKER has also introduced three attractive color options: Blue, White/Blue Stripe, and White/Gray Stripe.


In 2018, iROCKER implemented a new quad-layer construction technology that increased the overall rigidity and toughness of their inflatable paddle boards. The beefier build also increased the maximum weight capacity of each model.

The iROCKER SPORT 11′ is a very rigid board that feels close to a hard board when it’s inflated to 15 PSI. The build quality is excellent, and all of the included hardware is top-notch.


The iROCKER SPORT 11′ features a sporty new design that looks much nicer than the first version of the board. The top of the board is covered by a handsome EVA foam traction pad that has a diamond pattern and crocodile texture for maximum grip.

Located in the middle of the board is a newly redesigned carrying handle. This handle is wider than the previous version and features a soft and comfortable neoprene grip. iROCKER SPORT 11' Carry Handle

At the nose of the iROCKER SPORT 11′ are 6 D-rings and a large elastic bungee cord storage area. This is a convenient place to secure bags and other gear when