ISLE 10’6″ All Around SUP Review

ISLE 10'6

The ISLE 10’6″ All Around SUP is one of the newest additions to ISLE’s inflatable paddle board line. Being advertised as an ‘all-around’ paddle board, this model is designed to deliver decent performance for everything from flatwater paddling, river runs, and small to moderate surf.

ISLE is a San Diego, CA SUP company founded by two paddle board enthusiasts. Every product they put out is a passion project for them, and ISLE’s lineup of inflatable SUPs, rigid boards, and paddling accessories have become quite popular over the past several years.

In this ISLE All Around iSUP review, we’ll go over this board’s construction, the features it has, its specifications, each included accessory, the type of warranty coverage offered, and where we’d recommend buying it from.

ISLE 10’6″ All Around SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ with a weight of 21 pounds, the 2018 ISLE All Around board is 30% lighter than many other models on the market. The board has been built to support up to 240 lbs, which means it’s able to handle larger paddlers, paddling with small children, and even dogs. While this is definitely a versatile and fun model on the water, the board’s 31″ width doesn’t allow it to score as high as other all-around models in the stability department. If balance is an issue and you need a super stable board, we’d recommend the new BLACKFIN Model X which is 35″ wide and offers extreme stability.

The color scheme and overall design of this board is cleaner and more minimalistic when compared to other models from ISLE, and the board is available in blue as well as aqua. Both color options are very pleasing to the eye in our opinion, and we predict a lot of paddlers will find this clean design to be quite attractive.

ISLE 10'6


As with the ISLE Lotus that we recently reviewed, the 10’6″ All Around is built with the distinct and proprietary “Airtech Fusion Lite” and tough, military-grade PVC. One of the great things that we love about inflatable SUPs is the fact that they are typically very durable and not susceptible to the dings, cracks, and damage that hard boards can sustain.

Having said that, ISLE is also the company behind the PEAK paddle board line, and there have been widespread reports of blown seams and leaks with a few of their models. While the ISLE All Around has not had anywhere near the number of complaints that PEAK boards have received, there have been a few reports of blown seams on brand new ISLE boards which is a bit concerning to us.


ISLE 10'6

The top of the board has a soft brushed EVA traction pad which provides good grip and makes it very comfortable to kneel or stand on this board for long periods of time.

ISLE 10'6

At the nose, you’ll see a reinforced grab handle which makes it very easy for you to take the board in and out of the water. This model also features an expandable bungee cord storage system, which gives you a secure place to stash your gear and helps to keep everything within arm’s reach.

ISLE 10'6

Moving on to the tail of the ISLE All Around, you’ll find a single stainless steel D-ring where you can attach the included safety leash. There’s also a high-pressure inflation valve rated at 15 PSI. The inflation process takes 5-10 minutes for this particular model using the included high-pressure pump.

ISLE 10'6

ISLE has equipped the underside of this board with a tri-fin system. The center fin is removable which makes the board easier to pack and also gives you added versatility for shallow water paddling.

ISLE 10'6

ISLE All Around SUP Rating
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  • Warranty


WEIGHT21 lbs

What’s Included

ISLE 10'6

As usual, ISLE includes everything you need to take your iSUP along with you wherever you go. The 10’6″ All Around iSUP comes with a high-pressure pump and gauge, a 3-piece paddle that can be adjusted depending on the paddler’s height, a removable center fin for improved tracking performance, carry bag, and repair kit.


While we don’t like the fact that ISLE recently downgraded their warranty coverage from 2 years to just a year, we do like the fact that they include a 60-day “Ride it and love it” warranty which gives you the option of returning it for a full refund if your expectations are not met.

Where to Buy it

The 10’6″ ISLE All Around iSUP is currently in stock at ISLE’s official website. In addition to their low prices and outstanding customer service, ISLE will also ship the board to your doorstep absolutely free.

Final Thoughts

ISLE 10'6

A board that aims to meet the needs of nearly every paddler, the ISLE All Around scores high marks when it comes to versatility. We also think it’s great that ISLE includes everything with this board that you need to start paddling, making it an especially attractive package for beginners.

Another positive of this model is the clean design of the board, and both color options are very nice looking.

The Airtech Fusion-Lite construction has really reduced the overall weight of this board, making it very easy to carry around. As mentioned, we do have some concerns at this time regarding the overall durability of the company’s boards and would recommend the iROCKER CRUISER, ALL-AROUND 10′, and ALL-AROUND 11′ as better all-around alternatives this season due to that fact. Also, iROCKER SUPs come with a 2-year warranty (vs. ISLE’s 1-year warranty), better accessory bundle, and are more affordably priced.

Overall, this is not a terrible option if you’re looking for a lightweight, all-around inflatable paddle board — but we feel that there are definitely better options available this season if you’re looking for a stable iSUP that is affordable and offers great versatility.

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