ISLE Megalodon Review (12′ and 15′ Big SUP Board)

ISLE Megalodon Review

The Isle Megalodon big SUP is one of the larger inflatable paddle boards currently get in the market. These oversized iSUPs are an awesome way to share time on the water with family, friends, and your pets, and ISLE’s Megalodon board is a great looking option with some nice features.

ISLE paddle boards are well known for their standout designs and great features. In addition to their popular line of inflatable SUPs, San Diego-based ISLE also has a range of surfboards, hard SUPs, beach lifestyle accessories, and more.

Currently, the ISLE Megalodon paddle board is available in two different sizes, and in this review, we’ll cover the features and specs of both, the model’s construction, included accessories, ISLE’s warranty, and where to buy the board.

ISLE Megalodon Big SUP: Board Overview

The 12′ Megalodon measures 12′ x 45″ x 8″ and it weighs 34 pounds. This version of the board has a total carrying capacity of 450 pounds.

The larger 15′ Megalodon model measures 15′ x 56″ x 8″ with a weight of 50 pounds and a total carrying capacity of 1050 pounds. The 12′ model is great for 3 paddlers, while the massive 15′ can handle up to 5 riders with no problem. Since both models are quite a bit heavier than typical inflatable SUPs, ISLE has equipped both boards with 16 convenient carrying handles which makes these giant iSUPs a lot easier to carry around.

Visually, the ISLE Megalodon has a fantastic looking design that really stands out in the water. The bright and warm yellow color scheme is eye-catching and one of our favorite details of this board.

Carrying ISLE Megalodon Big SUP


Both the 12′ and 15′ ISLE Megalodon models are built with the company’s proprietary Airtech Fusion Lite construction which fuzes durable drop-stitch with a high-density PVC layer, making these boards both rigid and lightweight.


ISLE Megalodon Family Paddle

The top of the ISLE Megalodon features a soft brushed non-slip EVA foam traction pad which feels very comfortable when standing or kneeling on the board for long periods of time. The top also features a large number of neoprene covered grab handles, making it super easy for you and your friends to carry.

ISLE Megalodon Top

The Megalodon’s nose features an elastic 8-point bungee cord system which gives you even more storage space than normal SUPs. This is perfect when it comes to securing sandals, keys, water bottles, and dry bags.

ISLE Megalodon Nose

The tail of this board features a dual valve system which works well with the two high-pressure pumps that are included with this giant SUP.

ISLE Megalodon Tail

On the underside, the ISLE Megalodon comes with a 5 fin setup, consisting of 4 fixed small fins and a large center removable fin. This setup provides good tracking performance and you can remove the large fin when paddling in shallower waters.

ISLE Megalodon Bottom

ISLE Megalodon Rating
  • Construction
  • Stability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Speed
  • Warranty


Here are the specifications for the 12′ Megalodon:

WEIGHT34 lbs

And here are the specs for the 15′ Megalodon:

WEIGHT50 lbs

What’s Included

ISLE Megalodon Included Accessories

ISLE packages the Megalodon with two adjustable travel paddles, two high-pressure pumps, an iSUP repair kit, user manual, and ISLE sticker pack. A negative is the fact that ISLE doesn’t include a carrying bag, something which really comes in handy and is included with many other big SUPs.


The ISLE Megalodon comes with the company’s 60-day, risk-free “Ride it and Love it” guarantee which allows you to return the board for a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations. ISLE also includes a 1-year warranty which covers all manufacturing defects. Previously, ISLE covered all of their boards with a 2-year warranty but they’ve now reduced that to just a year.

If you’d prefer a big SUP with a longer warranty period, iROCKER paddle boards has recently released their new BIG BLUE model which is backed by a full 2-year warranty. The only downside to this board is the fact that it also lacks a carrying bag.

Where to Buy it

Currently, ISLE Surf & SUP has the Megalodon in stock and ready to ship. In addition to free shipping, you can also save an extra $100 by ordering a second ISLE SUP.

Final Thoughts

ISLE Megalodon Group Paddle

The ISLE Megalodon is a giant inflatable paddle board that will provide loads of fun on the water for your friends and family. This is an attention-getting board that’s great for flatwater paddling, small surf, and even as an inflatable party platform for your whole crew.

We love the attractive design of the board, the oversized bungee storage area, and the large number of carry handles. The main downsides of the Megalodon are the shorter 1-year warranty and lack of carrying bag.

If you’re looking for a fun and versatile multi-paddler SUP that is perfect for family fun, the Megalodon is certainly one to consider.

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