NIXY Huntington Review (9’6″ Compact Travel SUP)

NIXY Huntington Review

A new addition to NIXY’s growing inflatable paddle board line this year is the NIXY Huntington, an ultra-compact travel SUP that packs down into a much smaller footprint than your typical all-around iSUP. If you’re into adventure travel, backpacking, RV life, or any other activity where packability is a top priority, the Huntington is your board.

NIXY has made some big strides with their iSUP range over the past few years, and the Huntington joins the brand’s popular all-around Newport, ultra-stable Venice, and speedy Manhattan.

In this review of NIXY Sport’s Huntington inflatable paddle board, we’ll take a look at the features and construction qualities that make this iSUP special, what to expect in terms of on-the-water paddling performance, what accessories come with the board, the warranty, and where to find the best price.

NIXY Huntington Review: SUP Overview

NIXY Huntington Inflatable Paddle Board

Weighing in at only 17 pounds, the Huntington is one of the lightest inflatable SUPs on the market and when it’s deflated and packed down, it fits into a travel backpack that’s much smaller than what you see with other inflatable paddle boards.

An all-around SUP that’s designed for stability, versatility, and general fun, the NIXY Huntington measures 9’6″ x 32″ x 6″.

As an ultralight board that’s built for travel, you might be expecting the Huntington to fall short on features, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a full-featured board that includes nearly everything seen on the company’s other iSUPs.


Carrying NIXY SUP

The NIXY Huntington features a special lightweight drop-stick construction consisting of high-quality materials that keep the weight down without sacrificing durability. The inner core of the board provides excellent stiffness while the outer PVC layers prevent damage caused by sharp objects.

Because of the way the Huntington was designed to pack down, the traction pad, grab handles, and inflation valve aren’t centered as you normally see on other inflatable paddle boards. Instead, these features are offset and allow the Huntington to be folded straight down the middle before being rolled up.


The top of the Huntington features a very high-quality traction pad that is constructed out of soft EVA foam. The grip pattern on this pad is stamped with the NIXY logo which contributes to the board’s premium appearance.

At the nose of the Huntington is a small bungee storage area, grab handle and inflation valve. We love that NIXY adds the inflation valve to the front of the board, making it a lot easier to pack up. At the tail is a second elastic bungee area which provides added storage space. There’s also a leash D-ring and another grab handle at the rear which is handy when you’re in and around the water.

Located along the rails of the board are two stainless steel D-rings and there’s also an offset carry handle for carrying the board around.

The tail of the NIXY Huntington features a D-ring for attaching the included leash and a second grab handle for pulling your board in and out of the water without causing damage to the fins. Also at the tail is an additional bungee storage area with 6 D-rings. 

Lastly, on the underside of the board, you’ll find two small removable fins and a D-ring at the nose for towing. It was a bit difficult to install the thumbscrew fins on the 2019 model but NIXY has upgraded their fins for 2020, making them a lot easier to install. 

NIXY Huntington Review
  • Construction
  • Stability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Speed
  • Warranty


WEIGHT17 lbs

What’s Included

NIXY Huntington Accessories

As with all of NIXY’s inflatable SUPs, the Huntington comes with a very nice accessory package. In the box are the following:

  • Ultra-compact travel backpack
  • Ankle leash
  • Twin chamber Typhoon pump for faster, easier inflation
  • 4-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle
  • iSUP repair kit
  • Adjustable shoulder carry strap


The NIXY Huntington is covered for 2 years in the event of a manufacturing defect. Additionally, NIXY throws in a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that all customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Where to Buy it

The Huntington is available for purchase at NIXY’s online store. NIXY offers the best prices, great discount promotions, free shipping, and excellent customer service (both before and after a sale is made).

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun, all-around inflatable paddle board that can go anywhere imaginable, the NIXY Huntington is this year’s best option. An affordably priced, well-built iSUP that’s heavy on features, the Huntington ticks all the boxes for serious travel, RV life, or boating enthusiasts.

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