NIXY Manhattan G3 Touring SUP Review

The NIXY Manhattan is a fast, straight-tracking and extremely fun touring inflatable paddleboard that’s suitable for those looking to paddle long distances. NIXY  made a lot of nice improvements to its iSUP line in their most recent 2019 refresh and the Manhattan G3 is a well-constructed board with a ton of new features. 

Headquartered in California, NIXY has grown their paddleboard range over the past few years and now has a total of 4 models ranging in sizes from 9’6″ to 12’6″ in length: the Newport all-around model, the ultra-compact Huntington travel iSUP, the Venice fitness board, and the Manhattan touring SUP which we will cover in this review. 

In this review of the updated NIXY Manhattan G3, we’ll take a look at all of the improvements that the company has made and also discuss the reasons why it’s a great board to consider if you’re looking for a touring SUP.

NIXY Manhattan G3 Inflatable SUP Overview

As mentioned, NIXY has done a really nice job with all of the boards in their updated range. The Manhattan G3 is NIXY’s longest board at 12’6″, and is designed for touring and exploring longer distances. The Manhattan’s long, slender dimensions and its single-center fin makes it one of the faster-touring iSUPs we’ve reviewed with great tracking and effortless glide.

It’s worth noting that most touring boards feature a long-and-thin shape that is great for speed and efficient paddling, but you necessarily give up a little stability compared to more general-purpose all-around designs. If you’d rather have more stability and versatility in exchange for a little less speed, we recommend all-around SUPS like the NIXY Newport, iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10’ or iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11’

In 2019, NIXY updated the construction of the Manhattan to a new “fusion” technology, bringing the weight of the SUP from 30 lbs down to 22 lbs. It’s easily one of the lighter touring boards we’ve seen and this makes it both nicer to carry and livelier in the water.

Capable of supporting up to 350 pounds, the Manhattan offers plenty of buoyancy for paddlers of all sizes along with a moderate amount of gear.


The NIXY Manhattan features a special lightweight drop-stitch construction consisting of high-quality materials that keep the weight down without sacrificing durability. The inner core of the board provides excellent stiffness while the outer PVC layers prevent damage caused by sharp objects. In 2019, NIXY also added carbon rails and a higher-than-average max PSI of 20. All combined, this gives the board excellent stiffness and perhaps a bit more more durable since the rails are usually the part of the board that gets knocked around the most. 


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