NIXY Venice Review (10’6” SUP Fitness Paddle Board)

NIXY Venice Inflatable Paddle Board

Hailed as one of the most advanced inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market today, the NIXY’s iSUP lineup has something for everyone. The NIXY Venice is one of their signature iSUPs and is an excellent board for anyone interested in SUP yoga and on-the-water fitness workouts. It’s an amazingly stable board and is perfect for beginners who are looking to improve their balance, offering a little more width than most other iSUPs.

This NIXY Venice review includes a complete rundown of the board. We’ll cover the basics before diving into the more advanced features and overall aesthetic to help you decide whether or not the Venice fits your needs.

NIXY Venice G3: Board Overview

Slightly wider than the popular NIXY Newport and the company’s new Huntington travel SUP, the 10’6″ Venice is 34” wide and 6″ thick. The board’s 6″ thickness gives it excellent rigidity and also helps to keep your hands and feet dry while working out. The Venice is a great SUP fitness platform and it doesn’t require as much skill to feel comfortable and properly balanced, thanks to the wider profile. Ultra-light with a large, comfortable deck pad, the Venice is designed to suit beginners and intermediate users while still offering everything that a more advanced paddler is looking for.

The Venice is extremely lightweight at only 23 pounds. Even so, it’s able to support riders up to 300 pounds and can be inflated all the way to 20 PSI. The Venice is light enough for anyone (from kids to adults) to carry, offering fun for the whole family. It bears mentioning that experienced riders are able to exceed the 300-pound limit, with the recommended carrying capacity only applying to beginners or intermediate paddlers.

An optional kayak seat can also be bundled in with the NIXY Venice and the board is offered in four colors this year: blue, aqua, purple, and red. The bold colors and eye-catching new design look striking on the water.

NIXY Venice Fitness SUP


Built with fusion laminated drop-stitch technology using only the best materials, the Venice is built to last. Extra stiffness coupled with superior durability is what NIXY does so well and this board doesn’t disappoint. The board’s military-grade PVC withstands cuts and scrapes caused by rocks and other hard objects and the fact that it’s an inflatable means that it won’t suffer from the dents, dings, and cracks that plague comparable rigid SUPs.


The top of the board is covered by a large EVA foam deck pad that is extra soft and features a custom NIXY logo traction pattern. This deck pad is much easier on the hands and feet than the popular diamond pattern often used on iSUPs, a feature that is important on a board designed primarily with fitness in mind.

NIXY Venice Side Paddle Holder

The side bungee paddle holder is extremely convenient and gives you a place to secure your paddle while you’re exercising. Also, the front and rear bungee storage areas provide plent