Pathfinder 9’9″ SUP Review

Pathfinder 9'9

The 9’9″ Pathfinder inflatable SUP is an entry-level board that’s been designed with versatility and beginners in mind. This all-around iSUP offers budget-priced fun and great portability.

With the large number of all-around models currently flooding the inflatable paddle board market, it’s important to do your research so that you find the board that is best for you. In this Pathfinder SUP review, we’ll take a closer look at this board’s specifications, construction, warranty, features, included accessories, and where to buy it.

Pathfinder 9’9″ SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 9’9″ x 30″ x 5″ with a weight of 24.5 pounds, the 9’9″ Pathfinder iSUP is capable of supporting up to 240 pounds. This model is a good choice for smaller individuals such as children or teenagers, while bigger and heavier paddlers may have a hard time with this SUP in terms of overall stability. Because of the Pathfinder’s size and weight limitations, larger paddlers should definitely choose a longer, thicker board with a higher weight capacity such as the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′ or the new BLACKFIN Model X.

As far as looks go, this board features a fairly minimalistic design, with your choice of a blue/white or orange/white color scheme.

Pathfinder SUP Paddling


The Pathfinder 9’9″ inflatable SUP has been built out of durable PVC and reinforced with multi-layered drop stitch technology. The benefit of using a process like this is that the iSUP ends up feeling and performing like a rigid board, yet it’s not susceptible to dings and cracks.


The top of the Pathfinder SUP features a carrying handle mid-board which is handy, as well as a comfortable deck pad which provides good traction.

Pathfinder 9'9

The nose of the board features a 4-point elastic bungee storage area which blends seamlessly with the design of the board and can be used to store your dry bag or backpack, flip flops, Crocs, or water bottle. One thing that’s missing from this board is a grab handle which helps when it comes to pulling your board in and out of the water.

Pathfinder SUP Nose

Moving on to the tail of the Pathfinder SUP, you’ll find a Halkey Roberts-style inflation valve which works well with the included high-pressure pump. This board is also compatible with a large number of electric paddle board pumps, and there’s also another D-ring at the tail for attaching a safety leash.

Pathfinder Inflatable Paddle Board Tail

We find the underside of the board lacking since it consists of only a single center fin. Keep in mind that this board is mainly designed