PEAK 11′ Expedition Review

Combining affordability, performance, and a family (and pet-friendly) design, the PEAK 11′ Expedition is an inflatable SUP that works equally well for solo adventures and joint rides with a friend or pets.

Offering a nice blend of eye-catching design and portability, the PEAK 11′ Expedition iSUP is a versatile board that is suitable for beginners and advanced paddlers alike.

In this review, we’ll take a look at this new inflatable paddle board model and discuss the board’s features, construction, specifications, and everything that comes with it.

PEAK 11′ Expedition SUP: Board Overview

Beyond considering the design or features of a particular paddle board, we believe the most important thing for any adventurer is to go over the specs in order to gauge whether or not the board will suit your needs.

Measuring 11′ x 32″ x 6″ and weighing 19.5 pounds, PEAK’s 11′ Expedition SUP is built to support up to 350 pounds. At 32″ wide, stability and adaptability for a wide variety of skill levels and conditions are the signatures of its design.

Due to the Expedition’s impressive carrying capacity, you can bring along a friend, dog, cat, or cooler loaded full of your favorite snacks and beverages.


Constructed from drop stitch and lightweight military-grade dual-layer PVC, the PEAK Expedition 11′ was designed to be a durable, dependable board. Unfortunately, it appears that PEAK’s inflatable paddle boards have seen a significant downturn in quality over the past year or so as many people have reported air leaks and blown seams — even on brand new boards.

Until PEAK gets a handle on their quality control issues, we obviously cannot recommend their boards. For this season at least, a much better option in this price range is the popular lineup of iROCKER SUPs. iROCKER’s boards are known for being bombproof, and the company beefed up construction even further in 2018 with the rollout of their new quad layer PVC construction. In addition to being more durable, iROCKER’s inflatable paddle boards also come with a much better warranty (2-year vs. PEAK’s 1-year) and nicer accessories.

A good alternative to PEAK’s 11′ Expedition is the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′. We’re also very impressed with the BLACKFIN Model X and Model XL boards, although they’re a bit wider than the PEAK Expedition.


As soon as you take a look at the PEAK 11′ Expedition, you notice the nicely-designed brushed EVA foam traction pad that covers the top deck of the board.Just as you see on the 10’6″ PEAK All Around and 12′ Titan models, this board features an integrated 6-point bungee system at the nose so your gear will be secu