PEAK All Around 10’6″ SUP Review

PEAK 10'6

The PEAK 10’6″ All Around inflatable SUP is a board that’s designed to be versatile, affordable, and beginner-friendly. This iSUP comes bundled with everything needed to start paddling and it’s currently offered in two colors: blue/gray, and green/gray/white.

Today, the inflatable SUP market has gotten quite crowded as more companies are jumping on this growing segment of the sport. Because of the overwhelming number of options available to paddlers, it’s more important than ever to do your research before making a purchase. In this review, we’ll go over the PEAK All Around SUP’s construction and build quality, features, specs, included accessory bundle, warranty coverage, and were to buy it from.

PEAK 10’6″ All-Around SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ with a weight of 23 pounds, the PEAK 10’6″ All Around iSUP feels very rigid under the feet and provides a fairly stable ride, although at 31″, this board obviously can’t compete with wider boards like the 35″ wide BLACKFIN Model X when it comes to overall stability. While the PEAK 10’6″offers good versatility, those who are just starting out and in need of maximum stability might want to opt for a wider design.

As mentioned, this board is available at the moment in two color options.  The blue looks much nicer than the military-inspired green in our opinion, and the blue/gray combo looks fantastic on the water.

PEAK 10'6


The PEAK Paddle Board line has always focused on providing inflatable SUPs that are both affordable and durable, incorporating military-grade PVC materials and durable drop-stitch technology. Unfortunately, ISLE (the company behind the affordable PEAK SUP line) seems to have experienced some significant manufacturing issues recently as a large number of people have reported seam leaks and blowouts on PEAK’s new models — even on brand new boards.

Hopefully, the company can get a handle on these quality control issues, but at the moment we can’t recommend PEAK’s inflatables due to the fact that they’re experiencing such a high failure rate. A good alternative to PEAK’s models this season is the new iROCKER paddle board lineup — in addition to their incredibly durable quad-layer PVC construction, iROCKER’s boards come with a nicer bundle of accessories and a better warranty (2-year vs. PEAK’s 1-year).


PEAK 10'6

The top deck of PEAK’s All Around SUP features a comfortable diamond grooved traction pad which provides great grip and is easy to stand on for long periods of time.