PEAK 12′ Titan Review

PEAK 12' Titan TopIf you’re the kind of person that likes to bring friends along during your paddling adventures, the giant PEAK 12′ Titan is a super fun multi-paddler SUP model that can support up to four paddlers.

For this particular model, PEAK has focused on keeping their distinctive design style while improving the carrying capacity of the board, strengthening the building materials, and lightening the overall weight in order to make the 12′ Titan a convenient and family-friendly model.

In this review we’ll go over the board’s construction, features, specifications, included accessories, warranty details, and more.

PEAK 12′ Titan: Board Overview

Measuring 12’ x 45″ x 6″, with a weight of 34 pounds, this big SUP board is built for group adventure with a 500 pound carrying capacity. When it comes to leisure and spending time in the water with a group of friends or pets, the 12′ Titan makes it easy to bring others along.

Visually, this model features an attractive design with a colorful orange tone that nicely contrasts with multiple shades of blue. The overall design of this board looks much better in our opinion than many other large paddle boards on the market.

PEAK 12' Titan Group Paddle


Just like this season’s PEAK 11′ Expedition, 10’6″ all-around board, and 10′ fitness iSUP, the Titan is built out of lightweight military grade dual-layer PVC with drop-stitch technology. This means that the board is designed to be durable and will feel very similar to a hard board under the feet. Unfortunately, it appears that PEAK has run into some serious quality control issues over the past year or so on some of their other boards and many customers are reporting blown seams and air leaks even on brand new boards.

For this reason, we’re hesitant to recommend the new PEAK Titan until the company’s manufacturing problems are resolved. A better choice this season for boards in this price range is the durable iROCKER SUP lineup. In addition to offering a much better warranty (2-year vs. PEAK’s 1-year), iROCKER’s boards feature their new quad-layer PVC construction and a nicer bundle of accessories.

A good alternative to the PEAK Titan is the brand new iROCKER BIG BLUE multi-paddler model.


PEAK 12' Titan Fishing

The top of the PEAK 12′ Titan features a soft EVA deck pad, which is very comfortable for people or pets to stand on. Also, the traction pad has the PEAK Paddle Board brand logo tastefully displayed, further adding to the nice visual appeal of this model.PEAK 12' Titan Top Deck

As you see on the PEAK 11′ Expedition and 10’6″ All Around models, at the nose of the board is a 6 D-ring bungee cord