PEAK 10′ Yoga/Fitness SUP Board Review

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Logo & Top

A new addition to ISLE Surf and SUP’s entry-level PEAK paddle board lineup for 2018, the PEAK 10′ Yoga/SUP Fitness board is a stable board that was designed primarily with yoga, pilates, and SUP fitness enthusiasts in mind.

PEAK Paddle Boards is an affordable brand that is known for their great features and attractive designs. In this review of the new PEAK 10′ inflatable yoga/SUP fitness board, we’ll go over this model’s specs, features, construction, what’s in the box, warranty coverage, and where to buy it.

PEAK 10′ Yoga/Fitness SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 10′ x 32″ x 6″ with a weight of 23 pounds, the PEAK 10′ yoga/fitness iSUP has the signature rigid feel of PEAK’s other boards, giving you an improved sense of stability on the board. Considering the fact that this is a model that was designed to practice yoga and other static fitness activities, it goes without saying that the board is quite stable on the water.

Regarding the color and overall design of the board, the PEAK 10′ Yoga/Fitness looks fantastic in our opinion. It has a bright and warm color scheme, which really makes this board stand out visually from other paddle boards on the water.

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Yoga Practice


The PEAK 10′ Yoga/Fitness SUP has been constructed from lightweight military-grade, dual-layer PVC and Korean drop-stitch. This construction method results in a board that is lighter to carry, but we do have concerns regarding the overall durability of PEAK’s latest models. While there haven’t been problems reported with their fitness board, many people are experiencing major issues with seam leaks and blowouts on the company’s other models. Because of this fact, we are extremely hesitant to recommend any of PEAK’s new models until ISLE sorts out their production problems.

For the time being, we recommend the new BLACKFIN Model X for SUP yoga/pilates/fitness enthusiasts. It’s more stable than PEAK’s board, comes with a much better warranty, and built extremely well.


PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Relaxing

The top of the PEAK SUP fitness board features a soft EVA non-slip deck pad, which is comfortable to kneel and stand on especially when you’re on the water for extended periods of time working out.

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Top

At the nose, there’s a single grab handle which makes it easy to pull the board in and out of the water. You’ll also find a mounted 4-point bungee storage system which is perfect for storing your everything from your dry bag or backpack, shoes, and paddle. Also, the PEAK logo blends perfectly with the lotus flower designs, adding a lot of visual appeal to the board.

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Nose

Moving on to the tail, this model comes with a single Halkey Roberts valve which is rated at a max pressure of 15 PSI. The board is easily inflated in 5-10 minutes with the included manual pump, or you can use a compatible electric pump (not included with the board) for added convenience.

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Tail

On the bottom of the board is a single removable fin, and you’ll find tracking performance to be lacking as a result of the board’s shape and single fin setup. Having said that, the board is designed with SUP fitness in mind, so the limited tracking abilities are probably not a huge factor for most.

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Underside

PEAK 10' Yoga/SUP Fitness Board Rating
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WEIGHT18 lbs

What’s Included

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness What's Included

The PEAK 10′ Yoga/Fitness SUP comes with everything you need to get started. Inside of the box, you’ll find a standard 3-piece nylon blade paddle, 10′ coiled ankle leash which you can attach to the tail of the board, a high-pressure dual action pump with pressure gauge, 9″ nylon removable center fin, travel backpack, and a waterproof phone case which is really handy for keeping your phone dry on the water.


As with the Peak 11′ Expedition, 10’6″ All Around, and 12′ Titan models, you get 30 days to try the board out risk-free. PEAK stands behind their products, so if this model doesn’t meet your expectations for some reason, they’ll take it back with no questions asked. You’re also covered against any flaw or imperfection from the manufacturer with a 1-year warranty.

Where to Buy it

Currently, the best place to buy this board is through Amazon. We love shopping at Amazon because of their low prices, fast/free shipping, and great customer service.

Final Thoughts

PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Solo Paddle

The PEAK 10′ yoga/SUP fitness board has been designed from the ground up to be a great option for yoga and SUP fitness fans. The board offers good stability and a great looking design, and the affordable price point makes it an attractive model for a wide audience. Having said that, we do have concerns about the overall durability and longevity of PEAK’s boards at this time and recommend going with another brand such as iROCKER SUP which offers a better 2-year warranty and track record in terms of durability.

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