PEAK Paddle Board Reviews (2018 Lineup)

PEAK Paddle Board ReviewsAn affordable, entry-level SUP brand that is owned by San Diego, CA-based ISLE Surf and SUP, the popular PEAK Paddle Board lineup has grown to four inflatable models for 2018, including a touring board, yoga/SUP fitness model, all-around iSUP, and multi-paddler model. Known for their budget-friendly pricing and features, PEAK inflatable SUP boards are a suitable choice for beginner through intermediate paddlers who need an iSUP that won’t break the bank. All PEAK inflatable paddle boards include a 1-year warranty and come with everything you need to get on the water.

In this review of the 2018 PEAK SUP line, we will list all of this year’s models in a convenient comparison chart and quickly cover each board’s specs, features, and who each iSUP model is best for. The entry-level and mid-range market of inflatable paddle boards seems to get more crowded by the day, but PEAK continues to be a popular choice.

Unfortunately, it seems that the overall quality of PEAK paddle boards has taken a serious downturn over the past year or so and a large number of people are experiencing issues with blown seams and leaks — even on boards that have only been inflated once or twice. At this time, we cannot recommend PEAK’s inflatables due to the significant issues they are going through. A much better alternative in this price range is iROCKER’s range of paddle boards, as they feature ultra-durable quad layer construction, better accessories, and a 2-year warranty.

2018 PEAK Paddle Board SUP Comparison Chart

PEAK 10'6" iSUP
PEAK 10'6" Inflatable SUP
10'6"31"6"225 L23 lbs300 lbs
PEAK 10' Yoga/Fitness Board
PEAK 10' Yoga Fitness SUP
10'32"6"225 L18 lbs275 lbs
PEAK 11' Expedition
PEAK 11' Expedition SUP
11'32"6"238 L19.5 lbs350 lbs
PEAK 12' Titan
PEAK 12' Titan SUP
12'45"6"584 L34 lbs500 lbs

PEAK Paddle Board Reviews

PEAK 10’6″ Inflatable SUP

PEAK 10'6" All-Around iSUPThe 10’6″ PEAK inflatable SUP is the company’s all-around model that can be used in a wide variety of conditions. This board measures 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ and it has a total weight of 23 pounds.

An inflatable paddle board for recreational all-around fun, PEAK’s 10’6″ iSUP provides decent performance at an affordable price point. Read our PEAK 10’6″ paddle board review for more information on this model.

PEAK 10′ Yoga/Fitness iSUP

PEAK 10' Fitness iSUPPEAK’s 10′ yoga/SUP fitness iSUP is a lightweight and very stable platform for on-the-water workouts. This board features a rounded nose and squared off tail that provide excellent stability, and the attractive color scheme and design looks fantastic on the water.

To get more details on this new SUP fitness board, check out our PEAK 10′ yoga/SUP fitness board review.

PEAK 11′ Expedition

PEAK 11' ExpeditionThe lightweight PEAK 11′ Expedition is a faster touring model that is loaded with great features. This board has a more tapered nose design for better paddling performance, and the dual bungee storage areas offer plenty of onboard storage for overnight and multi-day paddling adventures.

Read our PEAK 11′ Expedition review for more info on this new model.

PEAK 12′ Titan

PEAK 12' TitanThe new PEAK 12′ Titan is a new multi-paddler model that is a ton of fun on the water. This stable 45″ inch-wide inflatable SUP is perfect for paddling with a few friends (or dogs!), and the lightweight construction makes it a lot more manageable than other “big SUPs” on the market.

For more information on this board, check out our PEAK 12′ Titan review.

PEAK’s Inflatable SUP Warranty

All PEAK’s 2018 inflatable paddle boards are backed by a 1-year warranty which covers you in the event of a manufacturer defect.

Included Accessories

As mentioned, PEAK paddle boards come with everything you need to start paddling. Bundled with all of their inflatable SUPs is:

  • A convenient carrying bag
  • 3-piece adjustable paddle
  • Dual-action pump
  • SUP leash
  • Repair kit
  • Waterproof phone case