Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride Review

2018 Red Paddle Co 10'6" RideThe most popular inflatable paddle board in the world, the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride gets even better for 2018. This year’s model incorporates some nice improvements, and the board’s fresh design and Special Edition version are both amazing-looking.

Red Paddle is well-known as one of today’s premier inflatable SUP companies, and they continue to improve upon their previous year’s models by introducing new, cutting edge features. Red Paddle’s attention to detail and passion for producing the best inflatable SUPs in the world are some of the things that we love most about this company.Red Paddle SUP Backpack

The list of SUP companies continues to grow as new companies are setting up shop to cash in on the incredible growth of stand up paddleboarding. Despite the growing competition, Red Paddle boards continue to stand out due to the company’s focus on innovation vs. imitation.

In this review of the new 2018 10’6″ Ride model, we’ll take a look at some of the improvements for this year, the construction and overall build quality, features, included accessories, pros and cons, and warranty coverage. Last but not least, we’ll share any active 2018 Red Paddle coupon codes that you can use to get the best deal.

2018 Red Paddle 10’6″ Ride: Board Overview

Red Paddle 10'6" RideMeasuring 10’6″ x 32″ x 4.7″ and weighing 22 pounds, the 2018 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride is a stable paddling platform that is capable of supporting 220 pounds of weight. The board’s versatile, all-around design is a big reason why this model enjoys such a tremendous amount of popularity, and it’s a great choice for everything from flatwater paddling to SUP fitness.

The 10’6″ Ride definitely isn’t the fastest board in the water, so if speed is a primary concern, we’d recommend a different model from the 2018 Red Paddle SUP lineup. The company has a variety of excellent options available with this year’s touring and race models.


Red Paddle MSL Fusion ConstructionThe 10’6″ Ride incorporates Red Paddle’s patented MSL Fusion construction technology, resulting in a board that is lighter, more durable, better-looking, and more consistent. Unlike other companies that outsource production through the use of shared manufacturing facilities, Red Paddle’s unique Tec Air construction process is accomplished entirely in-house at the company’s private manufacturing facilities.

The MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) Fusion process essentially eliminates the human errors and overall sloppiness that often plagues cheaper, mass produced boards by machine laminating a super tough layer of PVC to a special adhesive layer. As a result of this unique construction process, the 2018 Red Paddle 10’6″ Ride has the following benefits:

  • Weighs less than other boards
  • Is more durable
  • Holds its shape
  • Is cosmetically superior and without the typical blemishes
  • Offers more rigidity


Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride BoardThe top deck of the 2018 Red Paddle 10’6″ Ride board features a premium grade, multi-colored traction pad. The front and middle area of the deck pad is embossed with the “Red” logo and is very easy on your hands and feet (perfect for activities like SUP fitness). The rear of the traction pad features a diamond groove pattern which provides additional traction for performing pivot turns and surfing. At the middle of the traction pad is a comfortable carrying handle.Red Paddle 10'6" Ride Traction Pad

10'6" Ride Carrying HandleAt the nose of the board are six durable D-rings with a large bungee storage area that can be used to securely stash your gear while you’re out on the water. There’s also an additional D-ring at the very tip of the nose for towing, and it includes a built-in mount that is compatible with Railblaza and Ram Mounts products. This is a really nice feature as it allows you to easily attach a GoPro camera, cell phone, fishing rod, etc.2018 Red Paddle 10'6" Ride Bungee Storage

Red Paddle 10'6" Ride Ram MountAt the tail of the board is a Tec Air inflation valve along with a heavy duty grab handle. Incorporated into the side of the grab handle is a final D-ring which can be used to attach your SUP leash. We really like the addition of the grab handle as it is super handy when you’re pulling your board in and out of the water.Red Paddle Tec Air Inflation Valve

The bottom of the 10’6″ Ride features a triple fin configuration. The fins are on the small side and non-removable, but they are flexible and unbreakable.Red Paddle 10'6" Ride Fin Setup2018 Ride 10'6" Tri Fins

2018 Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride Rating
  • Construction
  • Stability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Speed
  • Warranty
User Rating 3.06 (34 votes)


WEIGHT22 lbs

What’s Included

Red Paddle 10'6" Ride AccessoriesRed Paddle includes a super high-quality set of SUP accessories with the 2018 Ride 10’6″ board. Included is Red Paddle’s newly revamped SUP backpack which features improved straps for additional comfort, convenient roller wheels, bulletproof construction, and a foil lined interior to keep your board cool.

Also in the box is Red Paddle’s legendary Titan pump. This is a dual cylinder hand pump that quickly and efficiently inflates boards with less effort than other pumps.

Last but not least, Red Paddle throws in a water resistant phone case and an inflatable paddle board repair kit.

New Extended Warranty Coverage

Red Paddle’s entire 2018 range is now covered by a full 2-year warranty (previously it was 12 months). In the rare event that your board develops a manufacturing defect of any sort within the first 2 years of ownership, you’re completely covered.

Where to Buy it + Coupon Codes

Red Paddle Co Coupon CodeThe 2018 Red Paddle 10’6″ Ride is currently in stock at Pumped Up SUP. Additionally, you’ll also get a free 3-piece paddle, free pressure gauge, free shipping, and no sales tax if you’re outside of Maryland. These guys offer great service and they’re excellent to deal with — highly recommended.

Green Water Sports also has this year’s 10’6″ Ride in stock, and you can use the promotional code IBFREELEASH when checking out to get a free Vamo SUP leash (a $30 value). To use the coupon code, just add the 10’6″ Ride to your shopping cart, then choose the Vamo leash that you want from the drop down menu. Lastly, just add the promo code at checkout and you should see a $30 discount applied to your order to cover the cost of the leash. In addition to the free Vamo leash, you’ll get free shipping, a free 3-piece paddle, and no tax outside of Florida.

Final Thoughts

Red Paddle Co Titan PumpIf you’re in the market for an extremely versatile, very well-constructed inflatable SUP and can afford the price tag, the new 2018 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride is an outstanding board that won’t disappoint. Red Paddle continues to impress us with their constant commitment to top-shelf build quality and amazing attention to detail, and we love the improvements they’ve made to this year’s model.

Despite all of the positives, there are a few minor areas where we think things could be improved. First of all, Red Paddle does not include a SUP leash or paddle with their 2018 boards. If you’re a new paddler and don’t already own a paddle or leash, just keep in mind that these are additional accessories that you’ll need to purchase.

Secondly, we’d love to have the ability to switch out the fins and change the configuration. The board’s three small fins are fixed, so you’re limited as far as options go. We’d love to try a larger center fin on the board, but with the current set up, that’s just not possible.2018 10'6" Ride

Last but not least, despite being an all-around board, we’d love to see a few D-rings added along the board’s rails for securing additional gear. The large bungee storage area at the board’s nose is a great place for a dry bag or backpack, but it’d be nice to have more available cargo space on the deck.

Overall the latest Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride model is nearly perfect and is definitely one of the best all-around inflatable SUPs on the market today. Despite having higher price tags than many of the cheaper boards that are flooding the market these days, Red Paddle continues to offer excellent value and is a go-to brand for serious paddlers who demand nothing but the best.

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