(2018) Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Wild Review

2018 Red Paddle 9'6" WildReplacing last year’s Flow model, the 2018 Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Wild is designed to be the ultimate whitewater SUP board. Featuring bombproof construction and a design that serious river paddlers are sure to appreciate, the new Red Paddle Wild model is sure to be a popular choice among the river running community.Red Paddle Co 9'6" Wild SUP

The 2018 Red Paddle SUP lineup is more diverse than ever, with plenty of activity-specific models for all types of paddlers. In this review of Red Paddle Co’s new 9’6″ Wild whitewater board, we’ll cover the features and construction, specs, included SUP accessories, new warranty coverage, and the best place to buy it.

2018 Red Paddle 9’6″ Wild: Board Overview

Measuring 9’6″ x 34″ x 6″ and weighing 28 pounds, the 300 L Red Paddle Wild is capable of supporting up to 265 pounds. At 34″ wide, this board offers outstanding stability while the shape gives it tremendous maneuverability.


Red Paddle MSL Fusion ConstructionAs with all of Red Paddle’s 2018 boards, the 9’6″ Wild is constructed with the company’s proprietary Tec Air manufacturing process. One of the most important aspects of this manufacturing system is the use of MSL Fusion technology (Monocoque Structural Laminate). Red Paddle essentially streamlines the manufacturing process, eliminating unnecessary materials and steps with the use of highly-advanced machinery — the end result is an inflatable paddle board that is more durable, lighter, and finished with a higher level of consistency.


The top deck of the 2018 Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Wild whitewater SUP features a diamond pattern EVA foam traction pad that is neatly embossed with the “Red” logo. The multi-color deck pad provides excellent grip — something that is especially important in whitewater and rough conditions.2018 Red Paddle Co Wild Traction Pad

Located in the middle of the deck pad is a centered carrying handle and two additional grab handles located near the rails. The convenient center handle makes it easy to carry the board around when it’s fully inflated, and the twin grab handles positioned near the rails are excellent for safety and additional control.2018 Red Paddle Co 9'6" Wild Top

Moving to the nose of the board, Red Paddle included 6 stainless steel D-rings for securing gear and there’s an elastic bungee cord with grip strips underneath for stashing dry bags and other gear. The top left D-ring has a built-in accessory mount that is compatible with the Railblaza and Ram Mounts systems, and there’s a second one located at the tip of the board’s nose. Additionally, there’s another grab handle at the nose which makes it easy to pull the board in and out of the river.Red Paddle Wild Bungee Storage

The tail of the board features a raised kick tail for improved control, a Tec Air inflation valve, and a final grab handle with a built-in D-ring for attaching a SUP leash.