Sea Eagle 14sro Review (Orange Sport Runabout)

Sea Eagle 14sr Orange Sport Runabout

If you’re looking for a super tough, extremely reliable inflatable boat for work in all types of conditions, look no further than the Sea Eagle 14sro Orange Sport Runabout.

With a relatively light yet incredibly durable hull, a heavy-duty carrying capacity, and an efficient design that keeps it stable in even the roughest waters, it’s no mystery as to why the 14sro is the inflatable of choice for emergency services around the world.

The 14sro is a custom orange version of Sea Eagle’s popular 14sr Sport Runabout, and it incorporates design features that make it suitable for emergency conditions.

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Sea Eagle 14sro Review: Boat Overview

Sea Eagle 14sro

The Sea Eagle 14sro has been specially designed to cope with the intense and dangerous conditions associated with emergency services and disaster relief, and the hull of the 14sro is the toughest ever on a Sea Eagle inflatable. When lives are at stake, nothing but the best is good enough.

The hull of the boat is 1100 Decitex reinforced: one of the few materials in the world strong enough to survive the unpredictable conditions the 14sro will be exposed to, but still light and malleable enough to serve as the hull of an inflatable. With 98% high-frequency welded double overlapped seams, the 14sro is constructed to endure whatever conditions or collisions it may encounter when it’s called upon to perform.

14sro Hull

The tough material of the hull is further buffered by high-strength impact- and puncture-resistant rubber protection on the sides and bottom of the hull. A 6″ ribbed rubber bumper strip runs completely around the hull of the 14sro, while the inflatable drop stitch keel is similarly protected. In situations where seconds count and there’s no time for fancy maneuvering, this double layer of hull protection can save lives.

The highly-visible orange hull of the 14sro inflates in four independent chambers, ensuring that nothing short of a catastrophic collision will lead to negative buoyancy. And because the 14sro utilizes Sea Eagle’s efficient recessed one-way valves, there’s no danger of snagging and accidental deflation.

Dependable Performance

Sea Eagle 14' Orange Sport Runabout

Apart from a hull that won’t let them down, emergency services look for three things in their rescue boats: speed, performance, and suitable carrying capacity. The 14sro is optimally designed to fulfill each of these requirements.

With exterior hull dimensions of 14′ x 5’11”, the 14sro offers unrivaled stability and it provides a secure working platform for any imaginable contingencies. This excellent stability is further enhanced by the wide (18″) side tubes and 4″ keel.

14sro Boat

In addition to great stability, the 14sro offers an impressive carrying capacity. The interior of the cockpit (9’6″ x 2’11”) can carry up to seven adults or can be loaded with a staggering 2000 lbs. of gear. With this kind of capacity, it’s no wonder that the 14sro is a favorite with police, fire, and rescue services around the world.

The 14sro is available with your choice of floor: either an inflatable, high-pressure drop stitch (DS) floor that is suitable for less rigorous boating and increases the convenience and portability of the 14sro, or an almost indestructible polyurethane floor for high-speed, high-performance requirements.

14sro Inflatable Boat

The plastic floor weighs somewhat more than the drop stitch floor and requires assembly when fitted into the 14sro, but it is the preferred option for the intense conditions which the emergency service models are often subjected. The plastic floor allows you to mount a 40 hp engine (the drop stitch floor is only rated for a 25 hp), meaning that the 14sro can attain much higher speeds with the plastic floor, and it demonstrates improved handling at both higher and lower speeds.

Other small features of the 14sro – two stainless steel D-rings, four carry handles and a front lifting handle, a self-draining drain valve, and a 5/8″ safety line running down each side of the hull – ensure that the 14sro is seaworthy and suitable for whatever it is called upon to do.

14sro Packages

Sea Eagle 14sro Drop Stitch Deluxe

As with all of Sea Eagle’s inflatable boats, the 14sro is available directly from the manufacturer in a range of nicely configured packages. You’ll have access to Sea Eagle’s outstanding customer service, as well as their 180-day return policy and 3-year warranty.Each of these packages is available with either the high-strength plastic floor or the light and ultra-convenient DS floor (you’ll have to specify when placing your order), and comes complete with everything you need to get the 14sro out onto the

Each of these package configurations is available with either the high-strength plastic floor or the light and ultra-convenient drop stitch floor (you’ll have to specify when placing your order) and comes complete with everything you need to get the 14sro out onto the water. The deflated hull (46″ x 26″ x 14″) is supplied with its own carry bag, as well as an A41 foot pump and repair kit (a dual-action stand-up-pump is also included if the drop stitch floor is specified).

  • The Sea Eagle 14sro Deluxe/DS Package contains a standard high-visibility 14sro hull, a set of 5’5″ collapsing oars, and an aluminum bench seat which is much more durable than a wooden or laminated bench. Additionally, the bench can be repositioned easily and moved forward (for rowing) or aft (for convenient outboarding).
  • Another version of the 14sro is the Sea Eagle 14sro Swivel Seat/DS Package, which adds Sea Eagle’s swivel seat kit. This bench-mounted swivel seat slots in easily at the stern for improved tiller control, while at the same time making the standard aluminum bench seat available for passengers. The swivel seat is comfortable and convenient (it is padded and swivels through 360°), and it can also be locked in position for safer boating practices.
  • For any requirement where you expect to spend more time on the water, there is the Sea Eagle 14sro Swivel Seat & Canopy/DS Package. The large (83″ x 59″, 47″ high) canopy provides protection from both sun and rain, and the lightweight construction and clever folding design ensure that it is as convenient as it is useful.
  • If you’re looking for a powered version of this model, Sea Eagle offers the Sea Eagle 14sro Swivel Seat Honda Motor/Ds Package, which includes a Honda 9.9S outboard. This sturdy and reliable 9.9 hp motor is ideal for any application where reliability is more important than sheer power, and it offers you a dependable outboard guaranteed by one of the most trusted manufacturers of marine engines in the world.

Final Thoughts

Sea Eagle 14 sro

Despite the fact that the 14sro is one of Sea Eagle’s toughest hulls, it’s not for everybody. The 14sro is a big inflatable boat with a higher carrying capacity than most will ever need.

The extra-strong hull and high-visibility color scheme are indications that this is something more than just a normal tender or a day-to-day dhingy. The 14sro is devoted to high performance in arduous conditions, making it a real workhorse in Sea Eagle’s range of inflatable boats. The 14′ Orange Sport Runabout is designed and built to withstand just about anything.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for Sea Eagle’s toughest, most durable hull for use in serious conditions, we highly recommend the 14sro.

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