Sea Eagle 14sro Review (Orange Sport Runabout)

Sea Eagle 14sr Orange Sport Runabout

If you’re looking for a super tough, extremely reliable inflatable boat for work in all types of conditions, look no further than the Sea Eagle 14sro Orange Sport Runabout.

With a relatively light yet incredibly durable hull, a heavy-duty carrying capacity, and an efficient design that keeps it stable in even the roughest waters, it’s no mystery as to why the 14sro is the inflatable of choice for emergency services around the world.

The 14sro is a custom orange version of Sea Eagle’s popular 14sr Sport Runabout, and it incorporates design features that make it suitable for emergency conditions.

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Sea Eagle 14sro Review: Boat Overview

Sea Eagle 14sro

The Sea Eagle 14sro has been specially designed to cope with the intense and dangerous conditions associated with emergency services and disaster relief, and the hull of the 14sro is the toughest ever on a Sea Eagle inflatable. When lives are at stake, nothing but the best is good enough.

The hull of the boat is 1100 Decitex reinforced: one of the few materials in the world strong enough to survive the unpredictable conditions the 14sro will be exposed to, but still light and malleable enough to serve as the hull of an inflatable. With 98% high-frequency welded double overlapped seams, the 14sro is constructed to endure whatever conditions or collisions it may encounter when it’s called upon to perform.