Sea Eagle 285fpb Review (Frameless Pontoon Boat)

Sea Eagle 285fpb Frameless Pontoon Boat

The latest version of the Sea Eagle 285fpb Frameless Pontoon Boat continues to build on the company’s reputation for producing some of the best inflatable boats on the market. Designed specially to meet the needs of solo fishermen, the 285fpb exhibits all the qualities that have made Sea Eagle famous: convenience, top-shelf quality, and a product that delivers on every promise that the manufacturer makes.

The Sea Eagle 285fpb is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from it all and enjoy some quality alone-time doing what’s important. Light enough to carry yet tough enough to handle whatever you may run into on (or under) the water, the 285fpb Frameless Pontoon Boat inflates in just five minutes to give you the perfect fishing platform for all flat-water conditions. With enough space and capacity for you and all your gear (the 285fpb has a hull length of 9′ and a capacity of 450 lbs.), this inflatable fishing boat is the ideal craft for beginners, intermediate-level, and experienced fishermen who want to avoid the stress and inconvenience of rigid hulls, but still demand a quality product that will meet their needs.

The 285fpb can be paddled, rowed or even powered by a small gas or electric motor, which means you can take it anywhere you need quickly and easily. With a floor that’s stable enough to stand on and a complementary range of fishing products available from Sea Eagle, this is truly a great inflatable boat for anglers.

Sea Eagle 285fpb Rating
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User Rating 2.48 (52 votes)