Sea Eagle 300x Explorer Review

Sea Eagle 300x Explorer

With the release of the latest Sea Eagle 300x Explorer, there’s a new benchmark in the world of solo inflatable kayaking. Suitable for all kinds of conditions, the 300x is a tough, reliable, and responsive performer that is proving to be one of Sea Eagle’s most versatile inflatable kayaks ever.

As with all of Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayaks, the 300x is available in different packages catering to just about anybody’s kayaking requirements. Each configuration includes everything you need to get out onto the water right away, which makes this an ideal choice for first-time kayakers.

Sea Eagle has been making inflatable watercraft since the 1960’s, and they have a well-known, well-deserved reputation for building extremely durable, versatile kayaks. The 300x continues to build on the company’s impressive history.

In this Sea Eagle 300x review, we’ll be discussing the features and construction, packages offered, warranty coverage, pros and cons, and more. If you’re in the market for a new inflatable kayak and are considering the 300x, we hope that this article will give you a better idea of whether or not this is the right model for you.

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Sea Eagle 300x Overview

Sea Eagle 300x

As with Sea Eagle’s larger 380x tandem and higher-capacity 420x model, the 300x incorporates the latest design improvements suggested by earlier versions of the Explorer series. This results in an elegantly designed inflatable kayak that is stable enough to give first-timers confidence, and exciting enough to satisfy even professionals.

The 300x is manufactured from 1100 Decitex Reinforced with overlapping seams and is tough enough to meet the demands of even the most enthusiastic paddlers.

Once inflated, the 300x’s compact length (exterior 9’8″) means that there’s performance to satisfy demanding kayaking enthusiasts, but enough stability to make even the least experienced kayakers feel secure on the water.

Sea Eagle 300x Explorer Kayak

The hull features a triple-chamber construction (port and starboard walls, and floor), inflates to a pleasingly firm 3.2 psi, and is certified to carry a load of 395 lbs.

16 high-speed self-bailing drain valves are a standard feature of the 300x. Their easy open/shut design lets you close them to keep dry if you’re paddling on flat water, then open them easily for high-speed drainage in whitewater or surf.

300x Drain Valves

The three one-way inflation valves make for fast and effortless inflation and deflation, then recess neatly and ergonomically into the hull.

A particularly useful inclusion on the 300x is the removable skeg. When fitted, the skeg improves the kayak’s tracking on open water and is designed to prevent fouling (no more struggling to free the skeg from weeds!) But when you want to have some fun in whitewater or surf, simply remove the skeg and you’re ready to go.

Sea Eagle 300x Skeg

Other convenient features include bow and stern carry handles, spray skirts, and 12 stainless steel D-rings for securing the seat and your gear.

Robust Construction

The 300x is designed and assembled to Sea Eagle’s demanding specifications and is NMMA certified for safety and quality.

The hull material is light enough to make the 300x truly portable and convenient without sacrificing structural integrity.

The triple-layered fabric can withstand collisions that would puncture most other inflatable vessels, and also provides excellent resistance to UV, oil, gas, and chemicals.

Last but not least — in the event that a chamber is ever torn or pierced, fast work with the repair kit should have you back on the water within the hour.

Unique Modular Floor Design

Sea Eagle 300x Drop Stitch Floor

One of the more practical features of the 300x is the modular floor, which Sea Eagle has adopted for the entire Explorer range.

The drop-stitched, high-pressure floor inflates to a rigid 3.2psi, and can be taken out easily for cleaning or repair.

When the DS floor is fitted, it fits snugly inside the lower floor of the 300x, creating a double hull that offers twice the protection.

Optional 300x Configurations

Sea Eagle 300x Deluxe

Sea Eagle supplies the 300x in a choice of packages suitable for all levels of kayaking, as well as providing several popular specialized kits.

  • The Sea Eagle 300x Deluxe Package is ideal as an entry-level inflatable solo kayak. The kit comes complete with the hull, a single AB30 paddle (7’10”, 2.62 lbs., 4-piece), a Deluxe inflatable kayak seat, a foot pump, the skeg, and a repair kit, together with a convenient carrybag for easy transportation. This kit includes everything that you need to start paddling immediately, making it perfect as first-time purchase.
  • More experienced kayakers will probably benefit from the Sea Eagle 300x Pro Kayak Package, which includes a professional Tall Back Seat and an AB40 paddle (8′, 2.92 lbs., 2-piece), together with a convenient stowage bag for your gear. The taller seat is made from lightweight molded foam (it weighs only 2 lbs.) and features a 19″ backrest. It provides more support and a lower sitting position, ensuring a stable and more comfortable kayaking experience. The seat is fastened with adjustable straps for convenient positioning, and comes with its own removable, zippered storage pouch. The extended length of the paddle improves power and maneuverability, as well as reducing user fatigue. The Pro Kayak kit includes skeg, carrybag, foot pump, and repair kit.
  • For the ultimate in solo inflatable kayaking, Sea Eagle proudly offers the Pro Carbon Package. An upgrade from the Pro Kayak, this kit includes Sea Eagle’s ultra-light AB50 carbon-fiber paddle. This 2-piece, 8′ paddle combines featherweight (2.41 lbs.) propulsion with superior balance, strength, and durability.
  • The Sea Eagle 300x Swivel Seat Fishing Package is the perfect option if you want to extend the versatility of your 300x. The Swivel Seat Fishing Rig can be attached to the hull in less than a minute, providing a convenient, comfortable, and stable fishing platform for amateur or professional sport fishers. The Fishing Rig boasts two Scotty universal rod holders and features convenient quick-release straps. This package includes a single AB30 paddle, skeg, foot pump, repair kit, and carrybag.
  • The Sea Eagle 300x QuikRow Package is another innovative version of the 300x. An upgrade on the Deluxe, you have the choice of either using your vessel as a traditional kayak or of fitting it with the QuikRow frame to transform your 300x into a powerful rowboat. The integrated QuikRow frame includes oarlocks and oar pins, and is supplied with two universal rod holders. The frame can be fastened to the hull in less than 60 seconds, quickly turning this version of the 300x into the perfect platform for rowing or fishing. With a comfortably cushioned swivel seat, an adjustable frame, a set of oars (7’11”, 2-piece), and a simple and convenient clamping system, this kit represents a great option for anyone who wants something more from their inflatable solo kayak. The QuikRow package includes everything necessary for either kayaking (an AB30 paddle and a Deluxe inflatable kayak seat) or rowing (the QuikRow kit with oars), as well as the standard package contents of skeg, foot pump, repair kit, and carrybag.

Enthusiastic Reception

Sea Eagle 300x Fishing Kayak

Since its release, the latest version of the 300x has received almost universal approval. Most of the user feedback has remarked on the 300x’s durability, performance, and versatility. Other popular talking points are its compact convenience (deflated, the 300x measures 24″ x 16″ x 6″, weighs only 28 lbs., and can fit into the trunk of your car), and the comfort that it offers when compared with other inflatable solo kayaks.

One of the only areas of concern for the 300x seems to be its performance on flat water. It’s probably not the fastest inflatable solo kayak out there, and – despite the skeg – the vessel’s high profile can be a problem if the wind picks up.

The Sea Eagle Warranty

One of the most comforting aspects of the 300x is the assurance of quality offered by the manufacturer. This includes the Sea Eagle’s 180-day return policy, a comprehensive three-year warranty on manufacture, unrivaled dedication to customer support, and a range of extras that will make your kayaking adventures both enjoyable and convenient.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the 300X is the perfect inflatable solo kayak for all skill levels.

Its well-considered design, rugged construction, and convenient portability make it suitable for everyone from first-time kayakers to professionals, while the range of 300x packages means that it’s versatile enough to please everybody.

With all of this going for it, you’ll search long and hard to find a better inflatable solo kayak than the 300x Explorer.

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