Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Review

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

The Sea Eagle 380x Explorer kayak is proving to be one of Sea Eagle’s most versatile and popular models to date. Functioning equally well as either a solo or tandem kayak, the 380x is suitable for all levels of kayaking. The hull is stable enough for first-timers to feel comfortable, while retaining the performance needed to satisfy even the most experienced kayakers.

As with Sea Eagle’s smaller 300x Explorer and the larger 420x, the 380x showcases the best in Sea Eagle’s production philosophy: elegant, effective design coupled with excellence in manufacturing. The result is a quality, high-performance kayak that can be paddled on all types of water, supports an enormous load (the 380x can carry three adults or 750 lbs.), and is easily adapted to almost any requirement. All of this, and it still packs conveniently into the trunk of your car.

If you’re in the market for an inflatable kayak that packs a punch in terms of quality, convenience, versatility, and limitless fun, read on.

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Sea Eagle 380x Kayak Overview

Sea Eagle 380x

The first word that springs to mind when describing the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer is “versatility”.

The basic 380x hull is designed and manufactured to be an impressive inflatable kayak in its own right, while the optional features offered by Sea Eagle make it truly versatile. The 380x can essentially function as a kayak, rowboat, sailboat, or powerboat as needed.

When used purely as a kayak, the 380x Explorer is difficult to beat. With an exterior hull length of 12’3″ (interior 11’7″), it handles well in both solo and tandem configurations, allowing you to adventure on your own or share the fun with friends and family. Suitable for fresh and saltwater, the 380x lets you take your fun anywhere — from lakes and rivers (the 380x is rated for Class IV whitewater) to the ocean surf.

Sea Eagle 380x Whitewater

But the 380x’s real genius lies in its extreme adaptability.

A nice range of options are available to supplement the standard 380x configuration, enhancing its fun and functionality for anyone who wants to get the most out of the kayaking lifestyle. The QuikRow kit turns the 380x into a powerful rowboat, the QuikSail allows for effortless downwind sailing, and the Motormount lets you fix a motor to the hull and power through the water.

When you remember that it folds into a manageable package that fits into the trunk of your car and can be stowed in a closet until you want to use it, the genius of the 380x quickly becomes obvious.

Sea Eagle Quality

380x Explorer

The 380x is manufactured to the high standards of quality that Sea Eagle has been delivering to their clients for almost 30 years, and incorporates their latest design features and manufacturing techniques.

To provide a safe and stable kayaking platform, the 380x consists of three separate chambers: two inflatable walls connected by an outer hull, and a high-pressure removable floor. Manufactured from 1100 Decitex reinforced material with overlapped seams for extra strength, the 380x is tough enough to withstand the rigors of any normal use and easy to repair if it’s ever damaged.

The hull contains 16 high-capacity self-bailing valves to ensure that water drains out as fast as it comes in. While these are vital for whitewater or surf kayaking, the valves close easily for dry and comfortable flatwater paddling.

Sea Eagle 380x Self-Bailing Drain Valves

The 380x also features Sea Eagle’s modular, high-pressure drop-stitch floor. The DS floor is extremely rigid and provides reassuring stability under all paddling conditions, but it lifts out easily for convenient cleaning or repair. Also, because it fits in separately between the walls and over the outer floor, the DS floor is actually protected by a double hull, which greatly reduces the chance that it will be damaged.

The Sea Eagle 380x features three recessed one-way valves, and the kayak can be inflated in less than 10 minutes. Once on the water, the inflation pressure of 3.2 psi offers a comfortable, high-performance kayaking experience, together with enough flexibility to survive even the most vigorous impacts or collisions.

For improved tracking on flatwater, the 380x features a large (9½”) skeg. Manufactured to be almost indestructible, the skeg can be easily removed when you head for whitewater. Bow and stern spray skirts, 24 stainless steel D-rings, convenient carry handles, and receivers for the Sea Eagle Motormount are all standard features of the 380x.

Optional 380x Configurations

Sea Eagle 380x Deluxe

With a nice range of optional configurations from Sea Eagle, the 380x can be adapted to do just about anything.

  • The Sea Eagle 380x Deluxe Package is a great choice for inexperienced kayakers, and offers everything you need to begin your adventure in the shortest possible time. Included with the 380x hull are two AB30 paddles (7’10”, 4-part, 2.62 lbs.) and two Deluxe Inflatable Seats, together with the skeg, foot pump, repair kit, and carrybag that are included with all of Sea Eagle’s 380x packages.
  • Experienced kayakers will probably want to opt for the Sea Eagle 380x Pro Kayak Package. The two Tall Back Seats offer improved back support and a lower, more stable paddling position, while the AB40 paddles (8′, 4-part, 2.92 lbs.) guarantee more power and improved control.
  • The Sea Eagle 380x Pro Carbon Package is for serious kayakers. This kit includes the Tall Back Seats, and upgrades the paddles to Sea Eagle’s top-end AB50s. These 8′ long, ultra-light (2.41 lbs.) carbon-fiber paddles feature asymmetrical spoon blades for the ultimate in power and control. They disassemble easily into two parts, and incorporate a snap button that allows you to quickly choose between flat, left or right feathering.
  • If you want to try something different, the Quiksail Package transforms the 380x into a comfortable downwind sailing vessel capable of an easy 7 knots. The Tall Back Seats and AB40 paddles, together with extra bow and stern storage pouches, make the Sea Eagle 380x Quiksail kit ideal for longer trips and scenic cruises. The Quiksail weighs only 2 lbs., stows conveniently away in the bow or stern, and unfurls to an impressive 14 square feet. Best of all, the Quiksail deploys in less than a minute.
  • The Sea Eagle 380x QuikRow Package offers the best of all possible worlds for even the most experienced kayaker. With all the features of the Pro Kayak configuration, this package includes the QuikRow kit which weighs only 20 lbs. and turns your 380x into a powerful and efficient rowboat in less than a minute. The QuikRow is supplied with a set of 2-part, 7’11” oars, and fitted with two Scotty universal rod holders for dedicated anglers. The QuikRow frame is easily adjusted to suit your height, and includes a comfortable, cushioned Deluxe swivel seat.
  • If you want to turn your 380x into a sturdy motorboat, consider choosing the Pro Motor Package. The Sea Eagle 380x Pro Motor kit upgrades the Pro Kayak and includes the Explorer Fast Track Motormount, as well as Sea Eagle’s Watersnake Asp T24 electric motor. The lightweight (6.7 lbs.) T24 functions well in both fresh and salt water, delivers 24 pounds of thrust, and features a 24″ shaft. The T24 is another quality Sea Eagle accessory, incorporating stainless steel construction inside and out, anti-corrosive paint, and a weed-free design to prevent fouling.

Final Thoughts

Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle 380x Explorer has really captured the attention of the kayaking community. With its versatility, durability, and convenience, this affordable and adaptable kayak is a tribute to Sea Eagle’s legacy of outstanding inflatables.

A few people have noted that the 380x is not the fastest kayak on the water, and the 380x’s high profile can make for hard work when paddling in stronger winds, but these are almost trivial problems when compared to the benefits that this particular kayak offers.

When you take into consideration Sea Eagle’s 180-day return policy, three-year warranty, outstanding customer service, and comprehensive range of supplementary equipment, the 380x is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make a long-term investment in their kayaking future.

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