Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack Review

Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack

The Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack kayak combines rigid kayaking performance with inflatable kayaking convenience. When the time comes for you to leave your worries behind and head out onto the open water for a whole lot of fun, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than the popular 385ft inflatable kayak.

Sea Eagle’s 385 FastTrack is fast and exciting, yet also extremely stable and easy to paddle. The 385ft is perfect for either solo or tandem kayaking, and it exhibits an awesome loading capacity plus enough features to make this a truly versatile inflatable kayak.

Like all of Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayaks, the 385ft is superbly designed. It is constructed from super-strong materials, inflates and deflates in no time at all (less than 8 minutes), and folds down neatly to a fraction of its size when you pack it away for transportation or storage.

Sea Eagle 385ft Kayak

Like the larger 465ft FastTrack model, the Sea Eagle 385ft is ideal for lakes, ocean bays, and mild whitewater (up to Class II rapids), and it’s the perfect inflatable kayak for having fun with family or friends.

Sea Eagle has put a lot of thought into the 385ft, producing a quality inflatable kayak that delivers on its promises of fun, stability, and safety. And because the 385ft is backed by Sea Eagle’s comprehensive warranty and outstanding commitment to customer service, you can be sure that you’re buying one of the most trusted brands of inflatable kayaks on the market today.

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Sea Eagle 385ft Design Overview

Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack

Thanks to almost 40 years experience in the inflatable kayak market, Sea Eagle’s FastTrack inflatable kayak range is sleeker, faster, more stable, and lighter than ever – and this is particularly true of the 385ft. Responsive enough for solo paddling, the 385ft also excels as a tandem kayak and incorporates a host of design features that prove Sea Eagle’s dedication to detail and excellence.

The hull of the 385ft is 12’6″, optimally sized for superior handling and control, and featuring an asymmetrical design (narrow at the bow and wider at the stern) that allows it to cut through the water quickly and efficiently. The addition of Sea Eagle’s patented NeedleKnife rigid inflatable keel further improves the handling and buoyancy of this model, delivering top speed and maximum stability.

Sea Eagle 385ft Keel

The walls and floor inflate to a satisfyingly firm 3.2 psi, ensuring a rigid hull that is still flexible enough to survive almost any amount of rough handling. And with two screw-type drain valves that you can open and close at will, you should always stay high and dry in your 385ft.

But it’s the small details that (as always) demonstrate Sea Eagle’s holistic approach to designing inflatable kayaks. The bow and stern spray skirts provide protected storage, and also feature elastic rope lacings that let you store even more gear safely and conveniently on top of them. And the 18 stainless steel D-rings that secure the seats in place can be used to lash down even more equipment – the 385ft boasts a loading capacity of 3 adults or 635 lbs.

Sea Eagle 385ft Fishing

With bow and stern grab handles, a large swept-back skeg for open-water cruising, recessed valves that won’t easily snag or break, and a hull that resistant to both the sun and salt water, it’s no wonder that the 385ft is NMMA certified for safety and quality.

In addition to all this, the 385ft weighs only 32 lbs. and packs quickly away into a handy carrybag for ultra-convenient transportation and storage, which means that you’ll never have to worry about where to keep your favorite inflatable kayak!


385ft FastTrack Kayak

Some wonder how durable an inflatable kayak can actually be, but with the 385ft, this is never a problem. The walls, floor, and keel are manufactured from 1100 Decitex reinforced material — strong enough to survive almost any collision, but light and flexible enough to allow for high-performance kayaking fun. Also, all of the seams of the 385ft are quadruple overlapped and electronically welded, ensuring that they won’t be a weak point in your kayak’s construction.

The floor of the 385ft is probably worth a separate mention here. Featuring a drop-stitch design for greater structural integrity and inflating to super-high pressure to provide stability, the unique modular design of the floor allows it to be easily removed for cleaning or repairs. The DS floor is even rigid enough to stand upright on (lots of people use the 385ft as a stand-up paddler, although it’s not designed to be one), and the fact that it slots into position over the outer hull between the side walls means that it is actually protected by a double hull, literally halving the chance that it will ever be damaged.

The removable skeg is made to endure bumps and scrapes, and it molds easily back into shape if it’s ever deformed.

Pet owners who want to take their four-legged friends along can rest assured that – no matter how big the dog, or how long the claws – there’s almost zero chance of damaging the 385ft’s resilient hull.

385ft Packages Offered

Sea Eagle 385ft Deluxe Solo

Sea Eagle is well known for offering a diverse range of package configurations, and the 385ft FastTrack won’t let you down in this respect, either.

  • If you want to head out onto the water alone, there’s no better way to do it than with the Sea Eagle 385ft Deluxe Solo Package. This kit includes the hull, a single AB30 paddle (7’10”, 4-part, 2.62 lbs.), and a Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat (all 385ft kits are supplied with the removable skeg, an A41 foot pump, a repair kit, and a useful carrybag, so you don’t have to do any unnecessary shopping before you can start paddling).
  • To share the fun with friends and family, choose the Sea Eagle 385ft Deluxe Package. With two AB30 paddles and two Deluxe seats, tandem kayaking just can’t get more convenient than this.
  • For advanced kayakers, the Sea Eagle 385ft Pro Package replaces the seats and the paddles, and includes bow and stern Kayak Stow Bags. The AB40 paddles (8′, 4-part, 2.92 lbs.) deliver more power and control, while the Tall Back Seats offer a lower (therefore more stable) sitting position and improved back support, and include their own removable zippered pouches.
  • For the ultimate 385ft experience, why not choose the Sea Eagle 385ft Pro Carbon Package? This kit is similar to the Pro Package, but upgrades the paddles to Sea Eagles incredibly light but durable AB50 (8′, 2-part, 2.41 lbs.) carbon-fiber model.
  • And who says that kayaking is all about hard work? For convenient power boating, Sea Eagle now offers the Sea Eagle 385ft Pro Motor Package. This kit upgrades the Pro Package, and includes a FastTrack Motormount, as well as Sea Eagle’s compact and efficient Watersnake Asp T24 electric motor. The T24 runs equally well in fresh water or salt, and delivers a respectable 24 pounds of thrust. Remember, it’s not cheating if you’re having fun!
  • Alternatively, you can choose to go to the other extreme and purchase the Sea Eagle 385ft QuikSail Package. Another variation of the Pro Package, this configuration combines the fun of paddling with the tranquility of downwind sailing. The brilliantly designed QuikSail can be deployed or retracted in less than a minute, and disassembles easily to stow safely and conveniently away when you want to paddle again.
  • The Sea Eagle 385ft QuikRow Package is the perfect choice for rowing enthusiasts. This kit can be used as a standard kayak (it contains all the features of the Deluxe Package), or transformed in less than a minute into a sleek and efficient rowboat. The QuikRow frame lashes firmly onto the hull with the straps provided, is conveniently adjustable, and includes two Scotty universal rod holders for fishing. The QuikRow also includes a pair of 7’11” oars.
  • And for dedicated fishing enthusiasts, Sea Eagle offers the convenience of the Swivel Seat Fishing Rig Package. This model upgrades the Deluxe Solo by replacing the Deluxe Inflatable Seat with the tremendously popular Swivel Seat Fish Rig, which attaches to the hull in less than a minute, includes two Scotty universal rod holders, and offers the comfort and convenience of a padded swivel seat – perfect for spending a day on the water.

Final Thoughts

Sea Eagle 385ft QuikSail

Of course, the true measure of an inflatable kayak is not what the spec sheets tell us it will do, but what the people who actually paddle it think about it. In the case of the Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack, the reactions from paddlers are overwhelmingly positive. People love its speed and performance, make frequent reference to its stability and strength, and praise its convenience and versatility.

One of the only real issues that the 385ft raises is its handling on white water – the 385ft is only rated to Class II, and most hardcore kayaking enthusiasts itch to test its performance in rougher waters!

Despite this, the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack bears all the hallmarks of another masterpiece in the Sea Eagle inflatable kayak lineup. With its outstanding performance and high quality assured by Sea Eagle’s industry-leading 180-day return policy and three year warranty, the 385ft guarantees you – quite literally – years of convenient kayaking fun.

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