Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Review

Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki

The Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki inflatable kayak features an exciting design that is pushing boundaries in the inflatables market. Thanks to a completely new approach to what an inflatable kayak should be able to do –and how it should look – the 435ps offers an almost unbelievable combination of stability, speed, and fun.

Traditional single-hull inflatable kayaks tend to fall into one of two classes: wide, stable and slow – or narrow, tippy and fast. Sea Eagle has shattered this preconception completely with the 435ps PaddleSki, offering an incredibly stable kayak that paddles fast enough to satisfy even the most demanding kayakers.

Sea Eagle 435ps QuikSail

Suitable for solo or tandem kayaking, the Sea Eagle 435ps kayak is suitable for paddlers of all levels, and it’s both versatile and convenient. A kayak, a sailboat, a rowboat, and a powerboat all in one hull, the 435ps is designed to maximize your fun on the water. And, because it’s a Sea Eagle, you can be assured that it is extremely high-quality with great customer service and a rock-solid warranty to match.

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User Rating 2.74 (46 votes)

Sea Eagle 435ps Review – Kayak Overview


Catama-yak, catayak, kayamaran… call it what you will, the 435ps PaddleSki is like nothing else you have ever seen before and quite possibly one of the most versatile inflatable kayaks in the world.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the 435ps is the unique double hull construction (exterior 14’5″, interior 12’5″) that gives it such a huge advantage when it comes to speed and stability. Constructed from 1100 Decitex Reinforced material with a floor of 1000 Denier and quadruple overlapped seams for additional strength, the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki is virtually impervious to abrasion and piercing damage. The materials used are also UV resistant and suitable for saltwater, so this kayak won’t wear out any time soon. The hulls are inflated with Sea Eagle’s neat, recessed one-way valves, support 16 stainless steel D-rings for securing the seats and your gear, and feature two stern-mounted carry handles in addition to a convenient bow handle.Sea Eagle 435ps Motor

Not only does the 435 PaddleSki’s revolutionary design make it more stable than just about any other kayak out there, it also helps tremendously with the kayak’s top speed. According to Sea Eagle, the double-hull design (which allow a paddler to sit about 4″ above the waterline), eliminates up to ⅓ of the natural water resistance experienced by single-hull kayaks. The elevated position also increases the power and control that you can exercise while paddling.

Three aluminum yokes connect the chambers and guarantee the rigidity of the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki’s double hull. Each yoke consists of two shafts, one of which runs above the floor, one of which runs below. Strategically placed near the bow, at the waist, and in the stern, the yokes ensure that the two hulls can twist neither outwards nor inwards. Not only does this form a sturdy structural platform for whatever accessories you may add on to the 435ps (the Motormount, QuikSail, or Rowing Rig), but it also allows for some of the best tracking that you’ll experience on an inflatable kayak. The two removable skegs included with the 435ps are the icing on the cake.

What’s Included & Kit Options

Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Deluxe

The 435ps displays all the typical versatility of Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayaks, but the unique design has taken it to another level. In true Sea Eagle style, the 435ps can be instantly transformed into a powerboat, a sailing cat, a rowboat, or the perfect fishing kayak… and it’s a whole lot faster than a traditional inflatable kayak.

Let’s take a look at the various packages that Sea Eagle is currently offering:

  • Beginners need look no further than the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Deluxe Package. The basic 435ps hull weighs just 57 lbs., and packs (38″x19″x10″) into a quality Sea Eagle carry bag. The Deluxe option contains two AB30 paddles (7’10”, 4-part, 2.92 lbs.) and two Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seats, together with the standard 435ps package contents: an A41 foot pump and a small repair kit. Even beginners will be able to inflate the 435ps in less than 10 minutes, and then the fun can begin!
  • An upgrade to the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Pro Package includes the improved AB40 paddles (8′, 4-part, 2.92 lbs.), as well as the ergonomic Tall Back Seats for more power and control, as well as improved lumbar support.
  • The Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Pro Carbon Package upgrades the paddles to Sea Eagle’s best: the AB50s (8′, 2-part, 2.42 lbs.). With a durable carbon-fiberglass shaft and asymmetrical spoon blades that adjust for feathering, the AB50 are for serious kayakers who don’t mind spending a little bit more money to get the very best.
  • Turn the 435ps into a real catama-yak with the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki QuikSail Package. Sea Eagle’s innovative and reliable QuikSail hoists and retracts in less than a minute, without the worries of lines or rigging. Thanks to the stability of the 435ps, you can now safely sail in winds of up to 15 knots.
  • Another alternative is to turn the 435ps into an efficient fishing kayak by choosing the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Watersnake Motor Package. The Side-mounted PaddleSki Motormount supports a Watersnake Venom 34 electric engine. The Venom is suitable for fresh, brackish, or saltwater, weighs only 15 lbs., delivers 30 pounds of thrusts, and features a 30″ shaft and an extendable tiller.
  • For a classic 435ps experience, the comprehensive Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki QuikRow 4-in-1 Package lets you paddle, sail, fish, or row – or mix them up and have fun. This package contains the QuikRow kit, the QuikSail, two AB30s, and two Deluxe Inflatable Seats. The QuikRow frame weigh just 20 lbs., fixes to the hull in less than 60 seconds, and comes complete with a footrest, two AB45 oars (7’11″, 2-part) and two Scotty universal rod holders. You really can’t ask for much more than that from an inflatable kayak.
  • Last but not least, you can take it up another notch with the Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Honda Motor Package. The Center PaddleSki Motormount supports a 2.3L Honda four-stroke, one of the world’s lightest four-stroke outboards. This might not be traditional kayaking, but it’s a good way to get where you need to be – and tons of fun to boot.

Final Thoughts

435ps PaddleSki Kayak

All of this seems to be a lot to ask from an inflatable kayak that can fit in the trunk of your car – even from Sea Eagle. But the 435ps has made this a reality.

If the 435ps PaddleSki has one fault, it’s perhaps that there’s not a great amount of space for gear aboard. With a capacity of 2 adults or 650 lbs., the 435ps can’t carry as much as some of Sea Eagle’s other inflatable hulls, but that’s not what this boat’s all about at the end of the day.

The overwhelming amount of people who have paddled the 435ps say that they love it. The increased stability of the double-hull design makes this a favorite for beginners, while experienced kayakers still enjoy its high speed, great handling, and endless opportunities for fun.

In terms of quality, the 435ps is NMMA certified, and backed by Sea Eagle’s 180-day return policy and industry-best 3-year warranty on their workmanship.

At the end of the day, the Sea Eagle 435ps is a lot of inflatable kayak for your money. It delivers great stability, high speed, versatility, quality, and convenience — highly recommended.

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