Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Review

Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki

The Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki inflatable kayak features an exciting design that is pushing boundaries in the inflatables market. Thanks to a completely new approach to what an inflatable kayak should be able to do –and how it should look – the 435ps offers an almost unbelievable combination of stability, speed, and fun.

Traditional single-hull inflatable kayaks tend to fall into one of two classes: wide, stable and slow – or narrow, tippy and fast. Sea Eagle has shattered this preconception completely with the 435ps PaddleSki, offering an incredibly stable kayak that paddles fast enough to satisfy even the most demanding kayakers.

Sea Eagle 435ps QuikSail

Suitable for solo or tandem kayaking, the Sea Eagle 435ps kayak is suitable for paddlers of all levels, and it’s both versatile and convenient. A kayak, a sailboat, a rowboat, and a powerboat all in one hull, the 435ps is designed to maximize your fun on the water. And, because it’s a Sea Eagle, you can be assured that it is extremely high-quality with great customer service and a rock-solid warranty to match.

Sea Eagle 435ps PaddleSki Rating
  • Construction
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  • Versatility
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  • Warranty
User Rating 2.76 (45 votes)

Sea Eagle 435ps Review – Kayak Overview


Catama-yak, catayak, kayamaran… call it what you will, the 435ps PaddleSki is like nothing else you have ever seen before and quite possibly one of the most versatile inflatable kayaks in the world.

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