Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack Review

Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack

The Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack is the largest model in the popular FastTrack lineup, and combines rigid-hull performance with the convenience and portability of an inflatable kayak. If you’re looking for a way to share your kayaking fun with other paddlers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than Sea Eagle’s 465 FastTrack inflatable.

The 465ft is both a salt and freshwater paddler, and it incorporates Sea Eagle’s best designs and innovations gained from almost 40 years of building inflatables. In all respects, the 465 FastTrack is ideal for flatwater cruising. The 465ft’s greatest advantage is its capacity – it seats three paddlers comfortably – or two, along with a significant amount of gear. For paddlers who don’t need (or want) a kayak of this size, we highly recommend the smaller Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack.

The 465ft FastTrack kayak is built to Sea Eagle’s own standards of quality, which means that when you buy it, you will be purchasing one of the best inflatable kayaks on the market. For what you get for your buck, it’s doubtful that you’ll ever regret buying a Sea Eagle.

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Sea Eagle 465ft Kayak Overview

Sea Eagle 465ft

The hull of Sea Eagle’s 465ft FastTrack weighs only 38 lbs., yet it has a loading capacity of just under 800 lbs. and it’s long enough so that three adults can paddle in comfort. It can be paddled solo, in tandem, or by three people, and it boasts outstanding performance and high speed.

All of this is quite astounding for an inflatable kayak that can quite easily fit into the trunk of any car, and it inflates in less than 10 minutes.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the 465ft is its asymmetrical shape. Tapered at the bow and wider at the stern, it cuts through flatwater with ease, being buoyant enough to prevent unnecessary drag. If you look at the 465ft from any angle, the word “sleek” comes to mind – definitely not something most people usually associate with a 14’9″ inflatable hull kayak!


The hull itself consists of four chambers (2 walls, a floor, and the keel) and an outer wall. Fabricated from 1100 Decitex reinforced material with electronically welded, quadruple overlapped seams, this resilient construction offers outstanding protection against abrasion and punctures, and it’s resistant to both the sun and saltwater.

The 465ft features Sea Eagle’s unique, high-pressure (i.e. rigid) removable drop stitch floor. The floor is not only a vital component of the kayak’s stability, it also forms a convenient double hull where it fits between the walls above the outer hull. The modular floor also comes out easily if you want to clean it or inspect it for damage.

Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack Floor

Other features of the 465ft include: 2 screw-type drain valves, bow and stern carry handles, spray skirts with elastic rope lacing for extra storage, a removable skeg for improved tracking, and 18 stainless steel D-rings. The 465ft also features Sea Eagles outstanding recessed valves.

But the most noteworthy feature of the 465ft by far is the patented NeedleKnife Rigid Inflatable Keel.

Cutting-Edge Keel

The NeedleKnife is truly of Sea Eagle’s more brilliant designs. Situated just under the bow and constructed using the same drop stitch technology as the floor, this unique addition is responsible for a great deal of the 465ft’s increased speed and improved performance.

Sea Eagle 465ft Keel

A sharp bow and stern mold on the keel help the hull to cleave through the water, while the inflated chamber supports the bow (an important consideration on an inflatable kayak of this length). This is an innovative and successful means of reducing water drag – particularly when the 465ft is carrying three people, one of whom will be up front.

Thanks to the NeedleKnife Keel, the 465ft tracks better, and can reach higher speeds.

465ft Configurations

Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack Deluxe 2-Person

Sea Eagle is well known for providing a comprehensive range of packages that capitalize on the versatility of their different hulls, and the 465ft is certainly no different in this respect.

  • As an entry-level tandem kayak, the Sea Eagle 465ft Deluxe 2-Person Package is hard to beat in terms of value. This kit includes two of Sea Eagle’s AB30 paddles (7’10”, 4-part, 2.62 lbs.), and two Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seats.
  • To increase your fun, the Sea Eagle 465ft Deluxe Package adds a third seat and another paddle, bringing the possible number of paddlers up to three.
  • The Sea Eagle 465ft Pro 2-Person Package upgrades the Deluxe 2-Person Package, replacing the paddles with AB40s (8′, 4-part, 2.92 lbs.), and the seats with Tall Back Seats for improved power and support. This package also includes two Kayak Stow Bags for safe, protected stowage on the bow and stern.
  • The upgraded version of Deluxe Package is the Sea Eagle 465ft Pro Package, which is supplied with another High Back Seat and a third AB40 paddle.
  • The 465ft can also function as a powerboat. The Sea Eagle 465ft Pro Motor Package contains two AB40 paddles and two Tall Back Seats, as well as a FastTrack Motormount and a Watersnake Asp T24 electric motor. The Asp produces 24 pounds of thrust, and is suitable for fresh and salt water.
  • For a truly versatile mix of paddling, fishing, or rowing, the 465ft also comes in the Sea Eagle 465ft QuikRow Package. This comprehensive kit includes two AB40s, two Tall Back Seats, two Kayak Stow Bags, and the QuikRow kit. The QuikRow frame fixes easily onto the hull and transforms the 465ft into a sleek and powerful rowboat. Included with the QuikRow kit are a pair of 7’11” oars, and two Scotty universal rod holders to complement your fishing enjoyment.

All of the 465ft packages are supplied with a slide-in skeg, an A41 foot pump, a repair kit, and the Kayak Carry Bag.

Final Thoughts

465 FastTrack Kayak

Sea Eagle has been producing some of the world’s best inflatable kayaks since 1968, and the 465ft FastTrack is another of the benchmarks that this company is constantly setting for the industry.

The Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack embodies all of Sea Eagle’s core values: it’s a highly compact inflatable kayak of outstanding quality and excellent versatility. Because it seats three so comfortably, the 465ft gives you lots of opportunity for fun with friends and family.

Some may be disappointed that the 465 FastTrack is only class II rated (they say they’d love to try it on some whitewater), but that shouldn’t stop you from giving serious consideration to the 465ft if you’re looking for an inflatable kayak that’s great for larger kayaking parties and extended flatwater cruising.

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