Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126 Review (NN126)

Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126

The fast-paddling Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126 is an extremely popular inflatable paddle board, and for good reason. With Sea Eagle’s patented NeedleNose prow, this high-speed, high-performance iSUP is a whole lot of fun in the water.

The NN126 is the mid-sized board in Sea Eagle’s innovative NeedleNose series, and it offers more speed than the smaller NeedleNose 116 because of its longer hull. This increased speed and performance, together with the Sea Eagle’s track record of outstanding quality and customer service, make the NN126 the most popular of Sea Eagle’s NeedleNose range of inflatable stand up paddle boards. Those wanting even more speed should check out the longest board in the NeedleNose lineup — the NN14.

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Sea Eagle NN126 Review: SUP Overview

Sea Eagle NN126

With hull dimensions of 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ from NeedleNose to stern, the Sea Eagle NN126 is a whole foot longer than Sea Eagle’s NN116, but displays an identical beam of and depth. The added hull length allows the NN126 to reach higher speeds, making it ideal for going farther and faster.

The NN126 can be paddled either standing or sitting (an inflatable chair can be easily clipped to the hull), and the sturdy construction of the hull allows the board to support a maximum weight of 225 pounds.