Sea Eagle SE 330 Review

Sea Eagle SE 330

The Sea Eagle SE 330 is America’s most popular inflatable kayak. With its all-around versatility, durability, convenience, and affordability, this fact really comes as no surprise.

The Sea Eagle 330 is the perfect kayak for beginners to learn on, and just as much fun for experienced kayakers. And because it’s so portable and easy to inflate, it can be paddled by just about anybody – from young children to their grandparents.

Like Sea Eagle’s larger SE 370 model, the 330 can be paddled on flat water, white water (it’s rated up to Class III rapids), and ocean surf, and it’s equally responsive as either a solo or a tandem kayak. With the 330, you can go off on your own adventures, or invite a friend or family member along to enjoy the fun.

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Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Overview

Sea Eagle SE330

The 330 is designed to be the ultimate in convenient inflatable kayaking. The hull, which weighs only 26 lbs., packs neatly into the bag provided, and it can be carried by just about anyone, so you can easily take it anywhere you want to go to begin your kayaking adventure.

It inflates quickly (with practice, you’ll be able to get it ready for the water within six minutes), and deflates just as easily, before packing conveniently away into the carrybag. This means that there’s no struggling with straps to unload it or worrying about securing it to the roof of your car. No back-breaking portages to get it to the water, and no extended delays when you want to set up and start paddling. In addition, the 330 is supremely convenient to store – you can literally leave it in the corner of your closet until you want to use it, then just pull it out and start having fun.

Best of all, the 330 is available in a range of complete, ready-to-use configurations. Once it arrives (Sea Eagle will ship it straight to your door), you can take it out of the box, inflate it, and begin paddling without needing to make any additional purchases.

Continually Evolving

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak

The 330 is a direct descendent of the inflatable kayaks that Sea Eagle started selling almost 40 years ago, and its design represents the culmination of the experience they have gained since then.

The hull, with an exterior length of 11’2” and an interior length of 9’6″ is manufactured from 33 mil Polykrylar, and features high-frequency welded seams. This makes it strong enough to survive almost any normal use undamaged while remaining light enough to make this a truly portable inflatable kayak. The hull material is sun resistant, and suitable for fresh or salt water, making the 330 ideal for inland or ocean paddling – or both!

SE330 Inflatable Kayak

Constructed with three separate chambers (port wall, starboard wall, and floor), the 330 is almost unsinkable. The inflatable I-beam construction floor provides a stable and firm paddling platform and contributes to the 330’s surprisingly robust loading capacity of 500 lbs.

Thanks to Sea Eagle’s innovative and ever-improving design principles, the SE330 is now fitted with Deluxe one-way valves, making the inflation and deflation of this kayak simple and efficient. With two skegs to improve stability on open water, five Deluxe one-way open/close draining valves, bow and stern carry lines, and inflatable spray skirts, there’s really not much more you could ask for if you’re looking for an affordable entry-level inflatable kayak.

SE330 Packages

Sea Eagle 330 Pro Solo Kayak

You can buy the Sea Eagle SE 330 directly from the manufacturer. This is great for the buyer for two reasons: it keeps down costs (no middle-man), and it lets you purchase a complete package that contains everything you need to start paddling without unnecessary delays (in addition to the hull and the specialized items, every 330 kit includes a carrybag, a foot pump, and a repair kit).If you’re seriously looking for an affordable inflatable kayak, the 330 offers an impressive range of packages that are worth considering.

If you’re seriously looking for an affordable inflatable kayak, the 330 offers an impressive range of packages that are worth considering.

  • For first-time kayakers – or even for pro’s who just want a bit of fun – there’s probably no better choice than the Sea Eagle SE 330 Pro Solo Kayak Package. The kit includes an AB30 paddle (7’10”, 4-piece, 2.62 lbs.) and a single Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat. In this configuration, the 330 is probably one of the best ways in the world to be introduced to solo kayaking.
  • You can double your fun with the Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe Kayak Package. The kit contains two AB30 paddles and two SEC inflatable seats, making this package a great introduction to tandem paddling.
  • For more experienced kayakers, the Sea Eagle SE330 Pro Kayak Package is an affordable way to take your fun to the next level. Two comfortable and movable Deluxe Inflatable Seats are included in this kit, providing more lumbar support. The extra comfort offered by these seats will ultimately result in a longer and more enjoyable kayaking experience.
  • Or you can choose a whole new dimension of kayaking enjoyment, and test your sailing skills with the Sea Eagle 330 QuikSail Kayak Package. This kit is similar to the Pro Kayak Package, but also includes Sea Eagle’s innovative QuikSail. This brilliant addition to the 330 range lets you run before the wind and watch the world go gently by without lifting a paddle. If you’re intimidated by the thought of struggling with lines and rigging – don’t be: the QuikSail deploys in less than a minute, and then stows away just as easily when you’re done sailing.

Additional Considerations

SE 330

If you’re going to start reading reviews or questioning owners about the Sea Eagle 330, be prepared to listen to a whole lot of superlatives: you’ll soon get tired of phrases like “love it,” “outstanding,” “incredible,” and “will definitely buy another!” It seems that very few people have anything negative to say about the 330: instead, they compliment it for its convenience, performance, simplicity, and great value for money.

It’s true that the 330 has a few handling issues when it comes to paddling on open water (most notably that you can get blown a bit off-track if the wind picks up), but that’s part of inflatable kayaking, and no reflection on this particular kayak.

It’s also important to remember that the Sea Eagle 330 isn’t supposed to be a pro-level kayak – it’s made for fun, pure and simple.

Final Thoughts

Sea Eagle SE330 Tandem Kayak

Of course, there are plenty of companies out there making inflatable kayaks, so at some stage you’re bound to ask yourself, “Why buy a Sea Eagle?” The short answer is, “Because they make excellent inflatable kayaks.”

Sea Eagle is a family business that has been making quality inflatables of all kinds since 1968. They are constantly upgrading and improving their designs, and they take notice of their customers’ suggestions and comments, with the result that their products are always evolving.

Sea Eagle 330 Whitewater

In fact, Sea Eagle is so confident of the quality of their products that they offer a full 180-day return policy on their kayaks – as well as a comprehensive three-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you’re looking to buy an affordable inflatable sport kayak (and most especially if it’s going to be your first), the SE330 is probably one of your best bets. It’s likely that you’ll upgrade eventually if you get more serious about kayaking (and most likely to another Sea Eagle once you experience their build quality and customer service) — you can keep your trusty 330 safely stored somewhere as a backup, or as the ideal training tool for your kids when the kayaking bug bites them.

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