Sea Eagle SE 370 Review

Sea Eagle SE 370
The Sea Eagle SE 370 is an ideal inflatable kayak for both amateur and professional kayakers of all ages. Light enough to carry almost anywhere and small enough to pack in a bag and toss is the trunk of your car, the SE370 is a great solution for anyone who loves the water but doesn’t want the hassles associated with old-fashioned rigid-hull kayaking.

The Sea Eagle 370 can be inflated in less than 10 minutes, and the durable and stable construction means that it can carry up to three people. This is a great model for either tandem or solo kayaking, and suitable for anything from a peaceful paddle on a lake to riding class II rapids.

Like Sea Eagle’s smaller SE330 kayak, the 370 is available in a variety of kits, each one targeted at a specific niche. From beginners to professionals, from sport fishers to weekend enthusiasts, the SE 370 is perfect for any requirement. This versatility is one of the reasons for its popularity.

With all it has to offer, it’s not surprising that the Sea Eagle 370 is already the second most popular inflatable kayak in the USA.

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Convenient Kayaking


The first thing one notices about this inflatable kayak is its convenient and well-considered design. A tandem kayak that can deflate and fit into an over-the-shoulder carry bag (small enough to put in the trunk of your car or even check on an airplane if you take an extended vacation), the SE 370 is also ideal for anyone who has limited storage space.

With the hull weighing in at only 32 lbs., the Sea Eagle 370 can easily be carried by one person, inflated on the spot in less than 10 minutes, and put in the water with a minimum of effort. Deflating the 370 is just as easy, and this often means that you’ll be either on the water or on the road long before your friends have finished unloading or loading their rigid hulls.

Sea Eagle SE370

A carrying capacity of 650 lbs. and an inflated length of over 12 feet means that there is more than enough space for almost any amount of gear.

And with features like carry handles, inflatable seats, a drain valve, inflatable spray skirts, and two stabilizing skegs that improve stability and speed, the SE 370 is as convenient and professional as any traditional kayak.

Rugged Construction

Sea Eagle 370

The hull of the SE 370 is constructed from 38 mil PVC (K80 PolyKrylar), ensuring that it is resistant to both salt water and the sun, while providing excellent protection from collisions and abrasion.

The hull is inflated as three separate chambers (port and starboard walls, and floor), so that even a catastrophic rupture will be unlikely to leave you struggling to stay afloat.

A repair kit is included with all versions of the SE370, allowing you to patch any minor holes or tears on the spot.

The hull is also impressively easy to clean – soap, water, and rags are all that you need to get it looking as good as new again.

Optional Sea Eagle 370 Configurations

Sea Eagle 370 Kayak

The Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak is available in four basic packages, designed to meet the needs of everyone from first-timers to professionals.

  • The Deluxe 370 is Sea Eagle’s entry-level option, and is ideal for anyone who is just beginning the kayaking lifestyle. This kit includes two paddles, two inflatable seats, a foot pump, a repair kit, and a carry bag. The Deluxe is suitable for tandem or solo kayaking.
  • Sea Eagle’s most popular 370 package is the Pro Kayak, which is also suitable for either tandem or solo use. The Pro kit includes two paddles, two Deluxe inflatable seats (the seats are movable, contain convenient stow pouches, and provide improved back support), a foot pump, repair kit, and carry bag.
  • The Sea Eagle 370 Sport Fishing package is a firm favorite for amateur and professional fishermen, much admired for its convenience and affordability. The kit includes a single paddle and a single Deluxe inflatable chair, and it features a Multi-Purpose Storage Box which comes complete with two rod holders. Also included are the foot pump, carry bag, and repair kit.
  • For those who prefer something a little different, the QuikSail package comes complete with a collapsing sail that you can rig in seconds, then sit back and watch the world go serenely by. With all the features of the Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak plus an easily-installed QuikSail, this configuration is ideal for anyone who thinks that kayaking doesn’t have to be all hard work!

NMMA Certified

Like Sea Eagle’s other inflatable kayaks, the SE 370 is fully certified by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) to comply with American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC) standards. This provides you with the peace of mind that your 370 has been tested to rigorous standards of quality and safety.

User Feedback

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak

On the whole, the Sea Eagle’s SE 370 has met with popular approval. Most of the feedback has referred to the convenience that the 370 offers, in terms of portability, inflation, cleaning, and storage.

Another of the more common comments concerns the comfort of the SE 370 in comparison with other inflatable kayaks – one satisfied user going as far as to describe it as “a couch on water”.

Perhaps most importantly, much of the feedback focuses on the affordability and value-for-money that the SE 370 offers in comparison with rigid-shell kayaks and other inflatables. Most of the users agree that for what you get, the 370 is definitely worth the money invested in it.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the SE370 has also generated a few points for the manufacturers to ponder for their next model.

The weight of the kit is one area of concern for some, while the inflatable seats have also come under criticism from more than one user. Other issues raised have queried the SE 370’s lack of speed and maneuverability, while some users have commented on the instability of the floor, which makes standing upright in the SE 370 a tricky undertaking.

At the end of the day, however, the number of satisfied customers far outweighs the few who have found any real reason to complain.

Sea Eagle Extras and Support

SE 370

One of the greatest advantages of owning an SE 370 is the fact that you’re buying into the Sea Eagle family of outstanding products and service.

Sea Eagle has been producing inflatable craft for all sectors for just under 30 years, and their quality products and excellent customer support means that they have sold over half a million craft of one kind or another to date.

Thanks to their success, a wide range of accessories is available to supplement their inflatables. From electric pumps to PFD’s, from cleaning products to anchors, from carry bags to repair kits, Sea Eagle can supply everything you need to make owning your SE370 enjoyable and convenient.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the Sea Eagle 370 is an ideal inflatable kayak for both professionals and amateurs.

With great portability, easy inflation and deflation, enough capacity for a weekend of fun and adventure, and an affordable price tag that puts it within almost everyone’s budget, the 370 should be considered if you’re looking to buy an inflatable kayak in this price range.

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