THURSO SURF ReviewA relative newcomer to the SUP industry, THURSO SURF is a company that is wasting no time in establishing a name for itself. The THURSO SUP brand was initially launched with the company's popular 11′ all-around model and has since grown to a total of 5 iSUP models including a kids' board, yoga/SUP fitness model, and touring SUP. More than just a one-hit wonder, THURSO SURF has rapidly involved into a legitimate and respectable iSUP brand and we expect them to continue expanding with more new models next season.

One of the first things that you'll undoubtedly notice about THURSO's inflatable paddle boards is the striking woodgrain appearance of the top deck. These boards have a handsome, classic look to them, and they really stand out from the pack. We really like the overall look of THURSO's boards and they are some of the nicest looking inflatables on the market in our opinion.

Another interesting thing about THURSO that sets them apart from many other iSUPs on the market is the fact that the company's founder has a background in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). An expert in understanding flow and optimizing designs, he has carefully designed the entire THURSO SURF lineup to achieve lower drags.

In addition to their beautiful designs and excellent paddling performance, THURSO SURF is also known for providing great value and placing a high value on customer service. These are all very encouraging things to see in a new SUP startup, and we're excited to see what the future holds for this young company.

THURSO SURF SUP Comparison Chart

THURSO Prodigy (Kids)THURSO SURF Prodigy iSUP7'6"30"4"150 L19 lbs165 lbs
10'6" THURSO WaterwalkerTHURSO Waterwalker 10'6" iSUP10'6"31"6"250 L24 lbs280 lbs
11' THURSO WaterwalkerTHURSO Waterwalker 11' iSUP11'32"6"300 L26 lbs330 lbs
11'6" THURSO ExpeditionTHURSO Expedition 11'6" iSUP11'6"30"6"300 L27 lbs330 lbs
11'6" THURSO TranquilityTHURSO Tranquility 10'8" iSUP10'8"34"6"320 L29 lbs350 lbs

THURSO Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

THURSO SURF Prodigy (7'6″)

THURSO SURF Prodigy Kids SUP BoardOne of the best inflatable youth SUP boards on the market, the THURSO Prodigy kids' model is a beautiful looking board that is stable and tons of fun on the water. The Prodigy measures 7'6″ x 30″ x 4″ and comes with the same bundle of accessories that THURSO's regular models include, making this youth model a fantastic value overall. For more details on this popular children's paddle board, read our THURSO Prodigy review.

THURSO SURF Waterwalker (10'6″)

THURSO SURF 10'6" Waterwalker SUP BoardThe 10'6″ THURSO Waterwalker is the smaller of the company's regularly sized all-around models. Measuring 10'6″ x 31″ x 6″ and capable of supporting a maximum weight of 380 pounds, this board has more of a touring shape than many other all-around models and delivers excellent paddling performance. Be sure to read our THURSO 10'6″ Waterwalker review for more information on this board.

THURSO SURF Waterwalker (11′)

THURSO SURF 11' Waterwalker SUP BoardThe longer of the company's two all-around iSUPs, the 11′ THURSO Waterwalker shares the same shape and overall design but adds 6″ to the length and an extra inch in width. This is a beautiful looking board that provides a nice blend of stability and overall performance, and it's the model that the company was initially founded on. For more info on this model, read our THURSO 11′ Waterwalker review.

THURSO SURF Expedition (11'6″)

THURSO SURF 11'6" Expedition SUP BoardThe largest inflatable SUP in the company's lineup, the 11'6″ THURSO Expedition is a long and sleek touring board that paddles fast and is great for paddling long distances. This board delivers excellent tracking performance and shares the same basic design elements as the company's other boards. Read our THURSO Expedition review for more details.

THURSO SURF Tranquility (10'8″) 

THURSO SURF 10'8" Tranquility SUP BoardLast but not least, the 10'8″ THURSO Tranquility is the company's latest inflatable SUP model and was very well received this season. A board specifically designed for the yoga/SUP fitness crowd, the THURSO Tranquility provides a stable paddling platform that is perfect for on-the-water workouts. For additional info on this board, be sure to read our THURSO Tranquility review.


While they're a fairly new company in the SUP world, THURSO has wasted no time in establishing a reputation for standing behind their gear. THURSO is well-known for their friendly customer service and excellent warranty, guaranteeing all of their boards against manufacturing defects for 2 years. Unlike some companies who tend to “disappear” after a sale is made, THURSO's first-class customer service is always quick to respond and bends over backward to make their customers happy.

Included Accessories

THURSO SURF packages all of their inflatable SUPs with a full bundle of SUP accessories, providing you with everything you need to get on the water (and then some). Included with all of THURSO's iSUPs are the following accessories:

  • 3-piece carbon fiber shaft paddle
  • SUP backpack
  • Coiled safety leash
  • High-pressure dual action pump
  • Insulated cooler deck bag
  • Waterproof phone pouch
  • Repair kit